The Cadre: Part 2

By Maurice Lane


Below is a list of some of the most prominent members of the Cadre, with their interests and in what arenas they might be encountered. Note that most Cadre operations will have only one member (if that) actually on Earth: there's been only three occasions where more than two were involved in the same mission and on the corporeal plane at the same time, and only one of those occasions had more than three. Incidentally, a group of three or more Cadre members is called a Convention.

St. Robert (Saint of Lightning):
Not the best engineer, not the best author (although every Cadre member is secretly convinced that he or she is the best author in the bunch) and not the best combatant, St. Robert still runs the Cadre. As much as anyone can be considered to run this bunch of anarchists, of course. Anyway, the reason why is simple: most of the younger members decline to argue with Bob. It's practically blasphemous. Besides, he does have a flair for leadership, and an unending font of ideas. Jean finds that having him around for his younger angels (who also decline to argue with St. Robert) to bounce ideas off of is efficient: when he can get away, St. Robert acts as a coordinator - and tries his best to get on an Earth missions himself. So far, he's been unsuccessful. There's always something coming up at the last second to keep him from going.

He'll do it one day, though. Just see if he doesn't.

'St.' Isaac (Ofanite of Creation IST Lightning):
The others just knew it, once they got up to Heaven. There was no way that any human could have written that many books on that many topics for that many years unless they didn't have to either eat or sleep. More than one Cadre member felt posthumous vindication for their good-natured envy of the bastard. Anyway, since his 'retirement', Isaac naturally drifted into the company of the Cadre (they've declared him an honorary Saint). His typical Cadre missions involve ... well, there isn't a common theme, actually. Isaac goes in mostly as a scout for Marc's Collation Department. He's good at doing a quick and dirty analysis of the situation, then calling for the right Cadre specialist (assuming that one is needed at all).

Also, he apparently also takes the time to drop off book ideas to some of his posthumous collaborators, much to the good-natured disgust of his peers. Doesn't the angel know when to quit?

St. Howard (Saint of Flowers):
St. Howard has been in Heaven for quite some time for a Cadre member. His allegiance to Flowers makes sense: when you've spent your life single-handedly redefining the horror genre, you want some peace in your soul afterwards. However, St. Howard's knowledge of esoteric matters has taken a sharp curve upwards since he died, thanks to the opportunity to read the really forbidden tomes. His Cadre missions usually involve Sorcery and/or the Undead, as he's the Cadre's recognized expert on both.

Interestingly enough, St. Howard has a bit of an issue with Saminga. Apparently, the arrogant poseur was the one responsible for him dying of cancer (the fact that St. Howard could create fictional characters that were scarier than Saminga could ever hope to be apparently rankled). St. Howard would like to return the favor. After all, it's certainly a strange enough aeon these days: who knows? Maybe Death can die...

The Other St. Howard (Saint of War):
Well, it's that or call him the Other St. Robert. That would be even more confusing. The Other St. Howard quite enjoys being a Saint of War: for one thing, he's got a really, really good vessel now (just as strong, fast and with all the iron thews one could hope for). For another, Michael lets him go down to Earth even when there isn't a Cadre mission going on. The Other St. Howard exists, purely and surely, to kick ass and take names, and his Cadre missions reflect that. Wielding a sword that could gut an elephant is optional, but deeply appreciated on the rare occasions when it's germane.

And, yes, he does wear sandals, and always keeps an eye out for a jeweled throne to crush with them. Hollywood will do: the movies weren't too bad, but the casual rip-offs were a bit insulting.

St. Randall (Saint of the Sword):
Often called 'St. Randy', for reasons that become obvious very quickly. Frankly, Laurence is happy that St. Randy has other interests: he doesn't fit the Archangel's conception of a proper Saint (which drives Laurence quietly mad, because St. Randall has a faith that you could bounce rocks off). St. Randall is the Cadre member most often picked for missions that don't involve much combat, but do require a certain flair for the dramatic. He also works with Litheroy's Consultants in their investigations: few mysteries can stand up to their nose for the Truth and his ability to explain incomprehensible human behaviors in terms that angels can understand.

St. Randall also has a certain facility for disguise - and an even better one for improvisation. He may need both when his wife shows up and starts demanding to know why he's got three Bright Lilim of Flowers living in his residence...

St. Phillip (Saint of Divine Fire):
Madness is a slippery concept. A shame that no one realized that he was a Prophet until he came to Heaven: it would have made things much easier all around. St. Phillip is certainly happier now that people aren't looking at him oddly whenever he comes up with an insight at ninety degrees to established reality. The Cadre finds this insight useful: he's been in many multiple-member missions (although he rarely, if ever, goes solo on Earth duty), and his musings have invariably been crucial to the mission's success. He also apparently has Gabriel's private phone number, which is a potent weapon, indeed. However, it's only reliable when the alternative is to have St. Phillip end up dead, alas...

St. John Ronald Ruell (Saint of Dreams IST Destiny - or is it the only way around?):
He's the Ethereal expert of the Cadre (heck, he's directly responsible for a lot of the most modern ones, after all), and his natural facility with languages has only increased with exposure to the Library. St. John Ronald Ruell doesn't participate in missions directly, but he could; he's the only one of the top Cadre members who was an honest-to-God Soldier (Destiny) in life, and he hasn't forgotten the moves. However, he's a much better resource when he's firmly in the stacks, with a cell phone at his ear and several Servitors of Archives and Destiny ready to fetch him whatever he needs for his emergency research. The pen _is_ mightier than the sword, when it's in St. John Ronald Ruell's hand.


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