The Sealed File: Document 1

By Genevieve "Maya" Cogman



The following letter was found among the possessions of Amrath, Malakite of Eli, in the aftermath of the investigation of the subterranean mushroom Technology/sorcery plot 10abdj.6 (see relevant dossier) and associated clean-up work by the Servitors of our Master (see statements in relevant dossier). It was passed up to the highest levels due to certain curious statements in the narrative, and has since been classified as non-existent. Anybody who shows knowledge of this letter is to be reported, priority alpha-two-alpha.

My beloved brother in Creation,

I think it is time to mention certain details which I and some of your other elder siblings tend to keep rather private. This is for the good of Heaven, believe me: some things should be taken on faith, and others should be not too widely known.

Yes, yes, I know: now you will call me a doomsayer and ninny, as is your wont. Believe me when I say that I treasure these incidences of good humor and merriment on your part, and I know the true affection you hold for me and for all the other Seraphim of our Lord, despite your frequent cries that we all need to -- what was that phrase -- loosen up? Very well, I will relax the tightness of my thinking -- ha, ha -- and get down to business.

To wit -- the Purity Crusade, and your recent inflammatory comments. Yes, yes, I know that there are certain, shall we say, distasteful elements about it? That you, like so many younger angels, find yourself aghast at the populist images of sweet little spirits of nature being brutally massacred by the angels of Purity. I will admit this happened.

However, there was a reason for that, and one which all the Archangels understood. And the tragedy of the matter is -- Uriel was stopped too soon.

Let me continue. Our Archangel is the Archangel of Creation. Briefly put, he encompasses the physical world -- that is, the entire Corporeal plane, all that has been and is created -- and in a similar way, his mind encompasses that which we term the Marches. (I know that you were not told this before. Think about why, in your copious spare time which you would otherwise spend upon those abominable little scraps of fish and wasabi and rice which you claim to call good eating.) Now, you will probably point out that the Ethereals, as creations of man, should not harm his mind -- on the contrary, they should only strengthen it!

This is true. However, when humans begin to worship such constructions, such false gods -- leaving aside the obvious reasons why we should object to their souls being led away from God, the All-Highest, he who created heaven and earth -- they allowed their souls to be drawn into the Marches upon death, miniature sacrifices to these eidolons of vanity. Like encysted tumours, like malignant carcinomas, these "Ethereals" and their very homes fed upon the substance of human souls now forever imprisoned within their boundaries.

And they grew.

Uriel's Crusade was not merely a blow against false faiths: it was an attempt to reclaim trapped souls, bound by their own ignorance and folly, prevented from ever ascending to the Higher Heavens and turning towards the true light of God. And in that attempt, it was also an essay to cleanse the mind of the Archangel of Creation from the growing sicknesses and foul masses which were forming and expanding therein. Ah, my brother, do not think to compare these to such imaginings as that detective of whom you are so fond -- Solar Pons, is that the name? -- or other fancies which give rise to dreams. Humans do not sacrifice their souls to such beliefs: they love them, they delight in them, they create them, and by doing so give praise to the Words of our Lord and of the Lady Blandine, but they do not give their souls to them in both life and death.

Alas, Uriel's attempt was a noble failure. His remit and range grew too broad, and he struck down mere imaginings rather than managing to cleanse all the true cankers of corruption. Archangels such as Jordi and Blandine stood in his way -- though you may have noticed, in the records, the absence of any mention of our Lord, who one might have thought would be among those most concerned -- and ultimately God himself reached forth his hand and bid the matter stay.

And now, my brother in Creation, what is there to say? What indeed? You will have heard that the Archangel who created us has of late placed many of us with other masters, and has himself been behaving -- somewhat more irrationally than was his wont. For that reason, I and certain of my siblings who are old enough to know of these matters have decided to speak to you -- and to a few others, as well. The truth must be remembered, for I fear that soon the time will be hard upon us when the Archangel of Creation...

No. I shall not utter such words, such possibilities. God guide the truth that is in me, and give me grace to share it with you, my brother in Creation.

Be wary and be vigilant, oh Virtue, for I am afraid of what the future may bring.

Alexi, Seraph of Creation


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