A Day In The Marches

By William J. Keith


Had a random impulse, so I pored over my world map for a while and came up with this. It's a quick guide for those that want to time events in the Marches on a global scale: a 24-hour summary of what is going on in the world sleep-wise, at 4-hour intervals. It assumes that the vast majority of people in a given region sleep at night, roughly from 10 to 6. The times listed are Universal (i.e., Greenwich) time. The particulars of national sleep habits, and the local shape of time zones, have a small chance of affecting this in some significant way, but that's a bit more research than I care to do for a random thought. ;^)


The East Coast of North America is waking up. This is the time when the Marches is most sparsely populated (though still roughly 200 million); much of the night is over the Pacific. Dreamers or Screamers doing their work in the U.S. are either wrapping up a night's work, or getting started on the day's. If they are in the Marches, this lull in activity probably means manpower is available (though Essence has probably been mostly used).


The Western Hemisphere is awake. China, SE Asia, and Australia are asleep. The Asian pantheons seeking to reach dreamers are likely to be most active now. Population is ramping up.


Night now includes China, SE Asia, Australia, India, and Russia and associated states. Africa is starting to sleep as well. Approximately half the world's population is asleep now, and along with the Asian pantheons the Hindu pantheon will be active if it seeks dreamers. Any African spirits will be up and about as well. This seems sure to be the busiest time period for celestials working solely in the Marches.


China has awoken, but Africa and Europe are now asleep. The population of the Marches is still near peak levels. While Asian pantheons are turning their attention either to internal affairs or to activities on Earth, African and European pantheons (particularly neo-pagan versions and pop culture sprites) will probably target their Marches efforts for this time. American-based Servitors are experiencing day and are likely working corporeally.


Another lull as India wakes up and the terminator crosses the Atlantic. The dreamscape population is declining. South America is starting to sleep, and North America is preparing to do so as well. The hours between now and 6am could be a time of particular note to "modern" flavored Ethereals and angels working in the West. The American Midwest and Eastern America, including the powerful governmental and economic centers in New York and Washington, is entering sleep. Europe, especially Western Europe, is also still abed; this brief moment of shared sleep could spell activity on any number of fronts intended to shape global consciousness in areas where the First World nations are powerful.


Africa and Europe are now awake. The Americas, however, are fast asleep, and now is probably a lesser peak in the dreamscape count. Fantasists and Nightmare demons working in the U.S. are probably either out in the corporeal world doing night-time things, or watching over their assigned dreamers in the Marches.


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