Ethereal Tough Guys

By Eric Burns (


So if Santa is one of the most powerful Ethereals -- who're the others? For the moment mostly ignoring the traditional/Mythic/Fae Ethereals. Of the modern Ethereals, who's top Dreamshade?

(Though if Nike's managed to start wearing crosstrainers and put swooshes on her armor, I have to think she's among the more successful transitional Ethereals to the modern day.)

Here's a partial list of present day Ethereal tough guys IMC....

Sherlock Holmes: To this day, the banking firm at 221 B Baker Street gets thousands of letters a year for the Great Detective, and many many many people believe passionately that if he's not alive now, he once was. Between that and all the Media attention (it turns out he's one of the most adapted figures in cinema and television *ever*) he'd be doing okay for Essence... and Fleurity might be willing to slip him more. OTOH, he might be one of the few Ethereals Dominic actually likes....

The Dark Menace: This has adapted over the years. Go back far enough, and these were Huns or Visigoths or Romans, depending on who you spoke to. In more modern days, these were Nazis or Communists. The faceless horde of shock troops so often evoked during cold and hot wars of any kind.

The Elvii: There isn't just one Elvis. Elvis is Everywhere. Elvis is all things to all people. Leather Elvis. Young Elvis. Vegas Thin Elvis. Vegas Fat Elvis. The aged King on his porcelin throne. The Christian Elvis. The Drug Abusing Elvis. The buffoon. The puppet of the Colonel. The guy you saw working behind the counter at the Fast Food place. Space Alien Elvis. And so on. Well, they're all real, in the Ethereal Realms. And for whatever reason, they're *all* real, rather than one Elvis Ethereal running around. The Elvii are not so quietly on the move. Which leads us inevitably to Gracelander: There can be only one... King, Momma.


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