The Hyacinth Brotherhood

By Cameron McCurry


It was a Balseraph of the War and a Djinn of Fire who approached Baal with their idea. They wanted to form a martial order, fiercely loyal to Hell, that would hunt agents of Heaven that had grown too powerful in one area. Rather than working at separate goals, this order would work together to achieve victory. Instead of one demon claiming glory, all of the demons within this group would share in it. Baal found the idea somewhat intriguing. The notion of sending an organized force rather than assorted rabble against some of Heaven's finest appealed to him.

Thus with the blessings of the Prince of The War, the Hyacinth Brotherhood was created as an answer to the Order of the Eternal Sword.

Membership in a Hunting Pack is limited to Servitors of Baal and Belial that have a proven ability to work together with other demons. The strict requirement has kept the membership roster low, but has not diminished their effectiveness. Once accepted for membership, the demon gives up its name and its Heart is moved into a special location for members of the Brotherhood. They are integrated into a Hunting Pack that gets sent to Earth on missions of assassination.

The typical operation of a Hunting Pack is quite simple. One pack, consisting of no more than four demons attempts to take out the target. If the victim is an angel or a Saint, they will do everything possible to Soul Kill the target. If they are going after a human, an Impudite of the War is sent in for the kill. Should the pack be taken out, a second pack moves in for the kill. The Brotherhood has become dangerously effective at what they do and have been able to keep collateral damage to a minimum. Although they cannot follow a target into Heaven, some members smugly assert that it's only a matter of time before they can.

Needless to say, neither Laurence nor the Order of the Eternal Sword are taking this insult lightly. The Archangel of the Sword has ordered all of his Earthly Servitors to put themselves between the Brotherhood and their targets. Peliel is offering membership in the Order of the Eternal Sword to any angel that provides solid information on the names and locations of the two demons that began this abomination.


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