No Insomnia Tonight...

By Beth McCoy


But I did have weird dreams!

Something about a Heavenly plot involving using real estate to bankrupt demons and kick them out on the streets (as easier prey for angels), that the Archangel of the Sword was taking a personal hand in. And a cameo appearance from Worf (see Star Trek).

And the plot actually hung together pretty well, for a dream!

(My viewpoint character alternated between being a Soldier realtor, and a redeemed version of my first IN character, who was doing the helping out stuff.)

Now, this would be a hard one to actually pull off in the dream (yes, it was Larry, and not Marc. I think Michael had a cameo as well, getting Laurence to do this personally for some obscure Superior reason.) -- but it might be interesting as a semi-humor plot. You'd probably have to lose Worf. Unless you want the actor to have to be rescued from Nybassians or something, as a side plot.

But presumably it could be done. Perhaps the Commander Of The Armies Of God has gotten fed up with Marc saying things in Council like, "Leave the financing to me, of course," or "It's a business tactic, I'll do it."

So, during a tactics-meeting/gripe-session with Michael, the old Seraph suggested to the younger Archangel, "If you don't like him hogging that battlefield, do it yourself."

So, for whatever reason, the Archangel of the Sword is cooking up this as a "first order scouting-skirmish mission." He wants to figure out a way to lure demons into this housing project -- then, once he's got all the data on them, financially wipe them out. He's not looking for major success on this; it's going to be a learning experience. But he does want to tag along (and/or do the driving) with the minions (Servitors/Soldiers with appropriate Roles/jobs) and see how the nitty-gritty of this kind of "soldiering" works.

For a PC group, perhaps he's building a condominium/apartment complex, and the PCs get to be groundskeepers. And...

Congratulations, PC group. You get to work under the direct supervision of an Archangel who knows, well... not very much about how to run a management company. (If there's a Servitor of Marc PC, then he's been assigned to the Sword as a liason. If there are no Traders, then the whole project is supposed to be kept a secret from Trade, so you can't bring in any Marcian NPCs.)

At least he looks keen in his leather jacket.


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