A Week In The Life, Pt. 2

By Eric Hallstrom (hallcon@mindspring.com)


Once upon a time, there was an Angel called Netanya. Since she was the Angel of the Selfless Gift, and since she always took great care to piss off people who deserved it, she concocted a plan to shake up a fellow Angel's life a bit and, at the same time, blow up the Demon Prince of Gluttony, Haagenti. A little bit.

This she promptly did, along the way involving Our Favorite PCs in the part of the plan that got the Angel in question out of the way of the resulting mess. Mostly.

Fortunately, the PCs were almost completely uninvolved in the resulting Big Explosion. Almost.

Unfortunately, almost allows for a little slippage. In this case, for instance, almost allows for being outnumbered two or three to one by big, nasty bruiser Gluttons. _Really_ big and nasty bruiser Gluttons.

Fortunately, Netanya took care of them. Eventually.

Unfortunately, that means that our PCs now Owe her. More than they started with.

Fortunately, Netanya is more than happy to allow them to work it _aaaallll_ off. All they have to do ...

... is get a pair of old lovers back together, with the help of her favorite teddybear.

Simple, no?


A Week in the Life, Part Two: True Love and High Adventure

See, it was like this ...

Once upon a time, there was this really, really nice girl. Her name was ... well, it doesn't really matter what it _was_. Let's call her Jane. Jane was a nice girl. Jane was a normal girl. Jane had seven forces, naturally, with a will of 10. Unfortunately, this was coupled with a perception of 2.

Alright, so that's not particulary normal. Work with me here.

Jane grew up, Jane found Love, Jane worked as a Lawyer, Jane fought the good fight. Jane, and her love (let's call him Bart) got mixed up in a court case that bid fair to put a Hell influenced mobster away. Permanently.

Jane was attacked by a mixed force of Hellsworn and Calabim, Jane's guardians (Guardian(s)? Hold on, I'll get to it.) fought valiantly, but were taken out. Jane was killed. Jane had achieved her destiny, but not her fate, so Jane went to Heaven. End of story, no?


See, Jane waited around for a long time, but old Bart, well ... he never showed up. Now Jane just _Knows_ that Bart was a _nice_ guy, so he _couldn't_ have gone to Hell. While she knows about those who don't go to either place, she's still worried. Maybe he's still alive. Maybe she should go back and see?

Jane is an 8 force Saint of War. Jane Needs to find Bart. Jane just has this intuition that ... well ... that he Needs her.

Know what?

He does.

Bartholomew _did_ go to Hell. Sort of. Of course, that's where he'd come from to begin with. Bartholomew is a 10 force Djinn of Fate, you see.

But you wanna know the really _ironic_ thing? It wasn't just an act. Bartholomew _did_ fall in love with Jane. No, really. So he'd be _glad_ to know she made it to Heaven ... he's intimately familiar with the alternative, after all. And no amount of massaging the records will tell him whether she's ended up in Hell or ... not.

Oh yeah, Bart Needs to find out just what happened to Jane. He Needs it bad. And after he finds out? Well, he may have a few ... other ... Needs.

A Djinn of Fate in Love with a Saint isn't actually dissonant, but he's fairly miserable anyway.

Now, about that Teddybear ...

Well, it's like this ...

See, when you have a will of 10 and a perception of 2, you tend to cause certain ... weird effects ... in the Marches. And Jane always loved her old Teddybear. Idolized him, in fact. Dreamed about him all the time.

Jane really loved her teddybear, and her teddybear loves her right back.

Theodore Edwin (of course) is a 7 force ethereal with a brand new combat vessel fresh out of limbo and a _big_ packet of essense he happened across. He's got blood in his eye and he Needs to find out what happened to the Boss, and if gets a chance to get her back together with Bart, well ... he always kind of liked Bart. Bart treated the Boss right.

With all this Need going around, the PCs should have an easy time of it, right? Find the Girl, find the Boy, find the Bear, get them together, they'll do the rest. Right?

Well ... apart from the roving Tasaydim kill-squad, the Game infiltration team, the Judgement Triad, the 16 force Demon of Irony (who thinks there's material here for a really _killer_ joke), yeah. Broadly.

Fortunate that Netty'll be in and out all the time. She'll have everything they Need. Eventually.

Sure hope those Gluttons don't show up.

That's be just _too_ amusing, don't you think?

Yeah. I think so too.


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