The Next Plan

By Charles E. Smith


Zimran winced as he limped across to where Shiloh's Heart was. He could see the pink Kyriotate slowly blinking her eyes awake as she cleared the last of her Trauma from her. It hurt even more when she spoke in that faint whisper of hers. "Did we do it? Did Lilith Redeem?"

Zimran was forced to shake his head. "It should have worked though! We had her in the Cage, it should have made her dissonant enough to want to Redeem! How could she have blasted the Cage apart like that? The dissonance alone should have muddled any Song she used..."

Shiloh shuddered, which was an odd thing on a Kyriotate. She didn't like to think of those last moments, as the Cage she possessed blew apart. What really made her feel bad was the fact that Zimran had been left with an unamused Princess of Freedom and three of her elder, more powerful Daughters. She did not choose to question how he'd returned in an Ugly, Pallid vessel.

The two lovers held each other for a long moment, then the Mercurian smiled. "I just had a brilliant idea, love!"

She melted against him. "What?

"Since we can't make Lilith dissonant, let's try for another Prince! If we can Redeem even one Prince, it would help Heaven immensely. Who would be the best choice for Redemption?"

Shiloh had to think for a long, long moment, then she smiled. "I know! Let's try Saminga. He's really stupid, so if we could smarten him up, I'm sure he'd join us!"

"But how?"

"Simple! We just feed him a lot of Ethereal Forces. That'll smarten him up in no time! And I know where to get lots of Ethereal Forces!" The two grinned as they plotted the education of Saminga...

The two angels of Flowers have a plan. They would be recruiting angelic PCs to help them find spare Ethereal Forces in the Marches, things left over from dying Ethereals. They'd most likely be hiring angelic PCs for protection purposes, especially once they had to Abbadon to smarten up Saminga. Demonic PCs (especially those of Dark Humor), might be out to make Zimran and Shiloh's plights a lot more interesting (and painful).


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