On Lightning

By Earl Wajenberg


Michael Walton wrote:
> --- Earl Wajenberg wrote:
> > Never heard of thunderwyrms, but if they throw lightning,
> > isn't that clearly connected to Jean, Archangel of
> > Lightning?
> I was thinking more the association with weather.
> Besides, they'd be a bit primal for Jean's taste.

This brings up a feature of Jean that I think gets neglected. He IS primal. He's Lightning. He's also the patron of science and technology only (1) by a metaphorical extension of his Word similar to the extension of Flowers to peace and mercy, and (2) because someone had to take up the slack when Raphael died.

But before and beyond all the cerebral stuff, Jean is the Cosmic Zap. If, roughly speaking, David, Oannes, Janus, and Gabriel are solid, liquid, gas, and plasma, Jean is force field.

This side of Jean might be clearer in a low-tech setting, such as an historical one. In such a setting, Lightning angels might not be pushing the existing technical envelope much, but be more militant, dealing in thunderbolts, ball lightning, auroral displays, etc., and working closely with Janus's angels in controlling the weather.


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