Remembrances, Part II: Justice Man

By Ryan M. Roth


"Out there, in the dark twisted alleys of the city, there lurks a fearsome beast. A beast which ravages the defenseless, preys on the innocent, and seeks to consume all it touches. This beast is named Crime, and it must be fought. I am the crusader for the people, the warrior which will draw his blade against this monster. For I... am... JUSTICE MAN!"

-- Alexander Bonn
   a.k.a. Justice Man

Well, perhaps Justice Boy would be more appropriate. Alexander is only 15. But, well, when you find out you're a superhero, you kinda want people to treat you like an adult.

Sometime ago, Alex was just another slightly-nerdy high school freshman, who happend to be riding his bike through an area of very high Symphonic Disturbance (this, of course, would be the last major incident the PCs were involved in). As he was pedaling, a drunk driver forced him off the road. Which was bad, considering he was pedaling over a bridge at the time. His bike slammed into the guard rail, and Alex pitched forward and straight off the bridge. He remembers screaming as he was about to hit the ground.

But he didn't. When he opened his eyes, he found that he was floating. When his heart stopped pounding, he found he could move without touching anything. That is when Alex realized he was a SUPERHERO.

Did I mention that Alex reads a lot of comics?

From that day, Alex was determined to learn exactly what he could do, so that he could use his new found abilities for the benefit of mankind. So he began practicing, as much as he could in his spare time. His grades are suffering because of it, but, really, what's more important: Saving the world or algebra class?

Alex was heart-broken when he realized he could only fly in short bursts before he was too exhausted to continue. It wasn't really fair; the heroes in the comics got to fly around as much as they liked. Alex reluctantly decided that he had to be conservative with his powers.

Yes, powers. Alex is nothing if not determined. Already he has figured out that he has:

He figured out Corp Healing (excuse me, Healing Factor) when he broke his arm trying to see if he had super strength (note: Justice Man does not have super strength). He has also figured out how to regulate his power reserves (Essence). In addition to practicing his powers, he has be conducting what he considers 'serious physical training' in his backyard. Picture a weird obstacle course, with all sorts of strange moving devices put together from discarded lumber and kitchen supplies. (it's not exactly the Danger Room, but he has managed to teach himself Dodge/1...)

Alex thinks he had figured out the basics of superhero power use, and now is itching to test them in action. His Justice Sense flares now and then, but so far everytime he has tried to investigate the cause, he hasn't gotten there in time.

Well, that's going to change soon. 'Cause Alex has just put the finishing touches on his costume (complete with various crime fighting gadgets made from hardware store materials). Now that he has appropriate attire, he has decided to fly to the source of the next big Disturbance he hears, and deal out some Justice.

Alexander Bonn

Corporeal Forces: 2
Strength: 3
Agility: 5
Ethereal Forces: 2
Intelligence: 4
Precision: 4
Celestial Forces: 2
Will: 2
Perception: 6

Songs: Healing (Corporeal/1) (original level 5), Motion (Corporeal/4) (original level 6), Form (Ethereal/2) (original level 6)

Not yet remembered: Tongues (Celestial/3), Shields (Corporeal/5), Charm (Corporeal/5), Light (Celestial/3)

Skills: Dodge/1, Knowledge(Comics)/5, Running/1, Throwing/1, Computer Ops/3, Engineering(Crime Gadgets)/1

(Alex thinks he knows Fighting/6, but that's really just his imagination)

Resources: Crime Fighting Gadgets (most of which will not work the way he intends)

How the PCs fit in:

Obviously, it's only a matter of time before Alex draws a whole lot of attention to himself. Depending on what the PC's are doing, it's possible the first appearence of Justice Man will coincide with their next big disturbance. If not, well, maybe the other side's next big disturbance.

Alex doesn't know what he is getting himself into. Depending on how his first showing goes, he may become encouraged to continue or have his confidence really shaken. If someone should die (even a Vessel, Alex can't tell the difference), Alex will become wracked with guilt (even if he didn't cause the death) and may burn his costume and flee any attempt to recruit him.

Recruitment of Alex would be a good idea. He already has six Forces, and has the potential for more. Enough diligent research in the Library or Archives will uncover records of the Remembrance phenomenon. The real job for the PCs will be figuring out who he is and then convincing him that he's a lost Soldier rather than a superhero. Alex is basically a good person, so getting him Hellsworn will be extremely difficult.

Also note that Alex has yet to remember four other Songs. Should a celestial try to strike him in combat, he will probably spontaneously remember Corporeal Shields (provided the disturbance is high enough). At that point he'll exclaim "Hey! I've got Invulnerability too!" and try to escape so he can practice his new power. Given Corporeal Motion and Ethereal Form, he has a good shot at doing so.

Detailed examination of Alex by Destiny attunements (detailed in that it will take time and willingness to be examined on Alex's part) will discover that Alex used to be a valued Soldier of God IST Judgement who disappeared during World War I and never showed up at the Gates of Heaven. Exactly what happened to him, and whether or not Judgement wants him (and what he knew) back, are hooks for further misadventures.


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