Vampire Malakim

By Genevieve Cogman


"Most high lord of darkness," the spy hastily mumbled into the phone, "I know that I've been instructed not to attempt direct contact short of a alpha-level emergency . . ."

"And?" the voice on the other end of the phone whispered.

"We have an alpha-level emergency."


"The Prince of Death's pet sorcerers were attempting a new ritual tonight. They wanted to create a vampire Malakite."

There was a pause. "A what?"

"Er." The spy sounded more ashamed than anything. "Well, they caught a Malakite, and they ritually drained his vessel of blood, and then at the last moment they sorcerously bound a Shedite into it. It is Halloween tonight, most dread lord of darkness, he who may not be named, and the resulting Words are empowered . . ."

"Yes, yes. But what did they actually _get_?"

"Well, it has fangs, and dark wings, and -- and --"


The spy sighed. One could almost hear him resigning himself to horrible torture and commending his soul to agonising dissolution. "And it got away, most mighty master of spies and Prince of the Game."

"It _what_?"

"A couple of Laurencians showed up at precisely the wrong moment. I took advantage of the distraction to question the head sorcerer. He said that it might be infectious, if it could get hold of other Malakim."

The pause drew out into a painful silence, reminiscent of the removal of fingernails. "So -- correct me if I am wrong -- we now have a vampire Malakite possessed by a Shedite running around and looking for other Malakim to vampirise and have possessed by Shedim."

"Your summation is precisely accurate, my Prince."

"Very well." A riffle of paper. "A team will be joining you very shortly. You know what to do."

"Yes, my Prince," the spy answered, and hoped like hell that it involved a bazooka and a safe distance.


Non-canon. Distinctly non-canon. The Samingan Shedite in the Malakite's vessel (now dead, of course) has the Malakite's Corporeal stats, and his own Ethereal and Celestial ones. He also automatically gets Fangs/6, and Wings/6 (black feathery). (The sorcerers claimed this was an unfortunate byproduct of the spellcasting process. Everyone else figures they just look cool.) If a Vampire Malakite manages to drain another Malakite's blood, and has at least 3 rounds uninterrupted with the resultant corpse, then he can summon another Shedite to animate the body as another Vampire Malakite.

Vampire Malakim are not stupid. They're Shedim, they're evil, but they're also capable of faking normal Malakiteness in order to get close to victims.

Oh, and any Malakite who loses a Vessel in this way can move to another Vessel (if he has one), but will have to cope with seeing his old Vessel wandering around and sucking blood. This does not tend to make Malakim happy.


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