Lake of the 40 Martyrs (Tether to Stone)

By Moe Lane (


In the fourth century AD, a group of Christian soldiers were ordered to repudiate their faith as part of the political maneuverings going on at the time. When they refused, they were stripped of their clothes and forced to stand in the middle of a frozen lake (near Sivas, in Turkey). Despite threats and temptations, thirty-nine of the forty soldiers stood firm: when the fortieth recanted, one of the guards took his place, in order to show his respect for the Christians' piety and determination. Heaven gained forty martyrs - and a Tether to Stone.

The Tether still exists (in the middle of the lake, which makes it a little hard to access in the summertime): possibly because it isn't used too often, it remains fairly quiet to use. The Seneschal of the Tether is Quintus, a Saint of David (and the guard who joined the Christians waiting for their death): he took over the position after a few centuries (the old Seneschal simply wasn't working out). Celestials seeking to lose dissonance can usually work it off by maintaining the modest shrine found there.

Quintus, Saint of David

My, was Quintus surprised when he ended up in Heaven: it seemed that those Christians were right, all along - or at least closer to right than he was. Still, David was very happy to see him, and after a few centuries looking around bemusedly, the blessed soul was ready to serve David in the corporeal world again. The Saint is, oddly enough, still half-pagan: he spends his free time going through history texts to determine which Archangel was behind which Greek or Roman myth (he's pretty sure that Novalis was Ceres: David, of course, was behind the legend of Atlas). He also sometimes forgets and swears by Zeus. As a human, Quintus is merely Attuned to the Tether, but it doesn't seem to be a problem. The site is pretty much out of the way, from the War's point of view.

Lake of the Forty Martyrs' Tether: Average (9 Word-Forces, standard Flow, Celestial Harbor, Quiet).


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