By Moe Lane (moelane_1999@yahoo.com)


Lourdes isn't a Tether. It is, however, a place that celestials like to keep an eye on. Some - well, a lot of - unusual things have happened there, so it's only wise to maintain a presence.

At the moment, the two primary celestials are Helen, a rare non-Muslim Mercurian of Faith, and Bruce, Djinn of the Media. Like many field agents stuck out in the back end of beyond with inadequate logistical support, they've learned to leave each other alone (and it took Hell a while to finally assign somebody there who could get the point). They hardly like each other, mind, but Helen would rather have a demon around who's not interested or required to wreck the place, and Bruce would rather deal with a Mercurian of Faith than, say, a Malakite of the Sword. It works out.

Unfortunately, the apple cart's about to be kicked over. Now that Khalid's back and more or less sane again, he's going to be checking up on things, and look! There's one of his Servitors allowing a demon to wander around one of his brother's favorite places. Not good at all: Helen might be able to fast-talk her way out of this, but that's not something to bet on. She can't just lie to her Archangel, either.

What she _can_ do is mention the problem to Random PC Who Just Acquired An Old Friend That He Or She's Known For Years. Looks like the PC's got a roommate. Really, give Bruce a hotel room and a remote (and don't argue with him when he wants to order the premium channels. All at once) and he'll be really low-maintenance. Bruce doesn't want to be in town when the Archangel of Faith wanders on by, so he’ll behave.

Alas, there's a problem. Seems that Nybbas is ready to make a little inspection of his own: something about Lourdes making a great setting for an animated series. His Djinn on the spot would be a perfect guide, no?

This should be amusing. Let's face it, there isn't a town big enough for an Archangel or a Demon Prince, period. Also, Nybbas doesn’t want anyone - especially Khalid - to know about his little concept, so he's trying to tone down his image, for once. Nybbas in a suit that isn't garish should scare anyone. Khalid, in his turn, actually knows all about the peculiar standoff (although he doesn't know about Nybbas' visit). In fact, if he wasn't an Elohite, he'd be feeling embarrassment at leaving a Servitor out in the cold so long without proper assistance, and he suspects that Bruce may be Redemption material (actually, he's right). So, he’ll be looking for Bruce, and Bruce will be trying to keep Nybbas out of the very spots Nybbas wants to go, and Helen will be wincing a lot, and there's the party in the middle, because for some insane reason, everyone has their cell phone number.

Aren't pilgrimages _fun_?


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