Habbalite of ... Flowers?

By William J. Keith


When Elohim Fall, they maintain the belief that they're angels.

When some Elohim Fall, it's only logical that some of them attempt to maintain their service to "their Archangel." Of course, the first service any Archangel would demand of the new Habbalite is that they Redeem. Which is foolish, of course -- God so clearly wants the angel in his new state. Doubtless their brethren of the higher Choir follow this logic to a resonable conclusion and simply take service with an appropriate Demon Prince. This is fine, since naturally the ends will always justify a Habbalite's divinely-inspired means.

Nevertheless, these particular Habbalah must persevere, even if it requires subterfuge, and serve the Archangel they are drawn to, regardless of whether the poor limited angel can actually make them Hearts or not.

At first, the pretense is simple. Simply avoid Heaven and maintain your coporeal duties. Even when Judgment comes around with a Seraph, Elohite or Malakite, the Habbalah can clearly state that they're still angels faithfully serving their Archangel, feel no particular guilt over their recent actions, and have acted honorably in line with their own codes. Of course, those nastily perceptive ones can worm out the Truth anyway, which is bothersome. So they take flight, and present themselves to another portion of their Archangel's organization, and eventually they get caught there too.

What to do, what to do? How can they continue to serve and yet keep their secret...


Enter Alaemon. He has a number of these Habbalah, which are even loosely organized as a group whose name in Helltongue translates as "They Who Choose to Serve in Secret." When one of them approaches his organization, or is found by them, he offers them exactly what they wish. Through his demons' expertise at keeping secrets, they can funnel orders and directives through filters from the angelic hierarchy to the Habbalah, so that they may serve their Archangel yet.

In reality, of course, the Habbalite is pumped for any intelligence knowledge he has, and this is added to Alaemon's own data, whereupon a team is sent to establish a supposed "deep cover operative" with a local group of the Archangel's Servitors, if at all possible. A Balseraph represents himself as a contact for a deep cover agent, presents the necessary signs for his organization, and gets backed up by such manipulation as can be provided by Shedim, Habbalah, or Impudites. With any luck, the local agents believe what's going on and Alaemon gets another stream of data for as long as he can maintain the subterfuge. One happy Habbalah joins his service, it's trivially easy to switch orders coming through the "contact" when he wants the Habbalite to do something, and if the deception ever breaks, then by this time his agents should have plenty of material around to keep the Habbalite working for the Conspiracy.

Asmodeus is a little peeved that Habbalah are occasionally assigned to clearly Heavenly missions, but Kronos calms him. First, they're Habbalah; the means by which they do their jobs often turn the mission to a long-term gain for Hell anyway; and second, if you think long-term, the whole setup is so unstable that eventually the Habbalite is working for Hell openly anyway.

Really, it's a win-win situation.


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