The Lost Continent

By Moe Lane


Huzzah for the Purity Crusade.

The inhabitants of this domain are, for the most part, modern (there are a few refugees from Olympus, but not many), and certainly indifferent to traditional ethereal concerns. From their point of view, Heaven did them a favor by clear out the deadwood: the Host hasn't really gotten it through its collective heads yet that humans like having anthropomorphic gods. There will always be ethereals around.

It might as well be them. This domain is home to all the spirits created from the belief in Ancient Engineers, Chariots of the Gods, Wise and Benevolent Space Brothers, Lost Continents (obviously), Secret Masters, Undersea Kingdoms and every other bit of pseudoscientific claptrap that's cropped up in the last 100 years. It's mostly innocent claptrap (although getting rid of those damned Antarctic Space Nazis was a chore and a half), but none of the inhabitants has a very high opinion of the average human's capacity for rational thinking. This is probably reinforced by the few dream shades that show up (the less said about them, the better).

The domain is ... well, garish. Seeing as it's more or less run by committee, the landscape itself can't decide whether to be above or below water, and compromises by periodically sinking under the surrounding 'sea', only to rise again. This has no effect on the architecture or populace, naturally. The architecture tends to Greek (lots of pillars), Egyptian (lots of pyramids) and Crystalline (you can't walk a yard without tripping over a crystal the size of a Buick) - or, horribly, all three at once.

Naturally, the Lost Continentals have strong links with Nybbas (a few of the Cattle Mutilators work with Beleth, but she's otherwise not too popular): he uses them in his efforts to short-circuit spiritual impulses among his viewers. How well it works depends on who you ask: the Host is certainly starting to especially despise these ethereals, but Nybbas hasn't yet hit upon a Media-supported religion that has a successful (from his point of view) impact on Destiny/Fate ratios. Most Lost Continentals don't think that he actually will, but they're smart enough to tell him that to his face...


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