Curatio Tectum

By Cameron McCurry


Joanna's been a Cherub of Eli's for a long time. She came into existence in 968 AD and has spent more time on Earth than a lot of Creationists.

Eli's departure from Heaven was a horrid shock to her. Although she understood his reasons, she couldn't imagine life without his presence in his Cathedral. And to make things worse, she saw that many of her fellow Servitors would have to find places to keep their Hearts safe.

She stopped Eli before he left and brought an idea to him. Within five seconds, her idea was approved and she was sent down to Earth as the Seneschal of one of the last Tethers to Creation to come into existence.

Curatio Tectum (Healing Shelter) is located out in the woods of Alaska. It's well hidden from the world; the nearest town is seventy miles away and most of the road leading to it is unpaved. The few human Soldiers that live there hunt for their food or make the journey into town when they need supplies.

What makes this Tether so special is that the Hearts of several Servitors of Creation are stored here. Thirty seven in all kept in a simple room. Joanna and the staff of the Tether check regularly on them to ensure that they are safe and to see if any angels have arrived there. The room itself is connected to a part of the Cathedral of Creation which is how the Hearts can stay where they are.

As of late, Joanna has opened the Tether up to any angel that is trying to work of Dissonance. She takes anyone in who requests it and makes no judgments about them or what brought them to her doorstep.

This kind of selfless help has earned her assistance from other Archangels. Jean dispatched one of his Mercurians to install and maintain the generator (It's a water powered system that is in the final stages of development. Jean thought it would be a perfect place to test it). Novalis has assigned one of her Elohim to counsel Dissonant angels and to make sure that they don't stumble any further. And Michael has allowed one of his Cherubim to help with maintaining the defenses (The Cherub in question spent a few weeks there to work off Dissonance. The Archangel of War decided to allow him to help protect the Tether).


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