Ethereal Space Program

By James Walker


How much does humanity want to get into space?


For many people, quite a bit. Which is why, when a alien space ship turned up, promising assistance to NASA, the pilots' demands for secrecy were respected.

The Space Ship is one of the Benevolent Space Brothers (Liber Servitorum, p86); it's pilot a Grey (Liber Servitorum, p89). They turned up to a space shuttle, bringing a couple of essential items; in return they swore the crew to secrecy and demanded that the crew introduce them to their bosses on earth - bosses who were high enough up to be movers and shakers without being in the Media spotlight.

Introduced to a select group of NASA scientists and bureaucrats, they told them that helping humanity is forbidden by their races' laws, but they will break that law in little ways; taking essential items up to shuttles/space stations, repairing broken satellites, that sort of thing - anything that other aliens will not be able to detect, and which will assist humanity to conquer space using their own technology. In return they need fuel to travel to their home star system and back, so that they will not be missed. As the hip travels by what humans call 'psychic abilities', this must be drawn from willing humans.

NASA was a little bit suspicious that the aliens fitted so neatly into sci-fi cliches, but they went along with it, assuming that the aliens had been spying on earth's radio output and had latched onto this as a reason that humans would understand. It doesn't cost a lot; the aliens draw what they need from a group of volunteers, and help solve minor but expensive problems - like a probe failing due to a loose wire.

It's quite a feat for the ethereals; although they can head to a satellite or probe by returning to the Marches and then reforming their Vessels in space, it's not easy. However, the essence makes it worth while. And, of course, if Heaven or Hell turn up they can flee, leaving a large part of the scientific community convinced of the existence of aliens - to the benefit of both Ethereals' groups.


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