Fantasy Worlds

By James Walker


You can Dream anywhere.

Knowing this, the Ethereal gods have found an excellent way to be worshipped openly. A scout is sent (in a Vessel of a beam of sunlight) to Alpha Centauri or Polaris, picks a suitable planet or asteroid, and starts constructing a fantasy world. The Greek pantheon is famous for creating 'lost worlds' where they are openly worshipped by cities built by lost Roman legions (there are over a dozen worlds founded by "The 9th") while the faerie courts create true worlds of fantasy. It's not that difficult to do, really. Sure, there is a shortage of worlds; however some of the elder gods can take world Vessels. Also, it is possible to create a small inhabitable bubble on a desolate world and expand it slowly - some worldviews, eg Melnibone, are especially suited to this approach. Of course, even desolate worlds are in short supply, so a single planet may host a dozen Fantasy Worlds - especially as it's a lot easier to enter someone else's Fantasy World and travel a few thousand miles across the planet than to cross interstellar space.

These worlds are slowly being populated by humans. The founding humans are invariably Pagan Saints, who establish the culture and worldview. Of course, they can't have children with each other; in addition to needing a Song of fruition they need a mortal partner. So yes, there ARE planets where a mortal hero will be told that all the men have died out, and asked what his stamina is like...

It's fairly easy to get mortals to these planets. Once a candidate has been chosen, (s)he is possessed and then the Song of Transfiguration used; the ethereal returns to the Fantasy World via The Marches and the dreams of those who now live there.

Getting back is as easy. However, it is rarely revealed to mortals how they arrived - and it is very difficult for them to find out.


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