A Mountain of a Tether to Stone

By Rolland Therrien


Ffynnon Garw
Tether to Stone
9 Forces

David's Tethers come in two basic types: Elemental Tethers, such as caverns, mountains and rocky formations, and communal tethers, where communities band together against the odds and accomplish a great goal.

Ffynnon Garw is that rarest of tethers to stone: a Tether that is both elemental and communal.

You see, back in World War I, a team of British surveyors went to a small Welsh mining village to measure Ffynnon Garw, which the locals proudly declared as being "Their Mountain". They were rather dismayed to find out their mighty mountain Ffynnon Garw measured only 984 feet high, and thus qualified as a Hill, not a Mountain.

The community, already heart-broken at having lost some of it's younger residents to the war, decided to gather together and make sure they kept their Mountain. They all began to dig dirt from their gardens to bring up to the top of Ffynnon Garw, to create a mound of earth 20 feet high, giving Ffynnon Garw the extra size it needed to be a Mountain. They also delayed the surveyors the whole time, until they were done, and Ffynnon Garw was classified a Mountain at 1002 feet of height.

This crisis united the entire community in such a manner, putting an end to many disputes, and bringing them all to work for a single cause, that the formation of a Tether of Stone was all but predictable.

David stabilized the Tether a few days later, and appointed Shiphisela, a Kyriotate of Stone as its Seneschal.

The Tether is mainly used by those intent on going into Wales quickly, but that's not a big amount of traffic in any case.

The Tether's Locus is located in the earth mound on the top of Mount Ffynnon Garw, and Shiphisela usually remains therein, possessing some of the minerals within. Shiphisela has spent a lot of time guarding his tether, and the village at its foot. He's come quite close to "coming native", but remains true to his duties, and loves his Mountain even as he's come to like the community at it's feet...

...Just don't call Ffynnon Garw a Hill if you value your vessel.


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