Followers of Ma'at

By Moe Lane


Every group has its rebels and conspirators: is it any surprise that Sorcerers are no exception? Hatiphas would very much like to root out the Followers of Ma'at, root and branch, but she's had little success. She's lucky that she can keep knowledge of the movement from being common knowledge. She's aided in this, amusingly enough, by the very nature of the Followers: they don't Summon demons. In fact, they avoid doing so like the plague.

The central tenet of the Followers of Ma'at is that the traditional view of the Cacophony held by most Sorcerers is fundamentally flawed. Granted, this isn't precisely news to most celestials, but it is to Sorcerers: somehow, knowledge of the True nature of the Symphony has been acquired and institutionalized. This fact has the potential to be even worse than the Dozen actually existing, from Hell's point of view.

The Circles that follow the teachings of Ma'at are somewhat more palatable than groups that do not. They still remain supremely egotistical (you can't be a Sorcerer without a strong sense of self), but they have a valuable sense of perspective that ordinary sorcerers lack. This makes them cautious, careful, and quietly terrified of attracting attention from celestials from either side. Followers of Ma'at do tend to work extensively with ethereals, however: the Heliopolitans in particular are carefully trading knowledge for Essence.

Heaven knows little more about Followers of Ma'at than most of Hell does. Those that do know usually tend to not care much anyway. Whether or not this is a justifiable attitude to take has not yet been determined. Heaven would benefit from having less Hellsworn Sorcerers in existence: however, most angels would immediately point out that Heaven would benefit more from having no Sorcerers in existence at all.


Followers of Ma'at, having a clearer understanding of the Symphony, approach their Sorcery in a somewhat different manner. Their rituals emphasize the essential balance of the universe, thus giving them a bonus to removing those entities that are where they do not belong. Unfortunately, this same sense of balance actually hinders them when attempting to call or compel a demon: these Sorcerers subconsciously know that doing either is fundamentally stupid, which erodes their confidence and skills somewhat. Needless to say, no Follower of Ma'at has gotten the Sorcery Attunement via an Infernal Pact.

Fates and Destinies are tricky issues for Followers of Ma'at. A Follower that goes to Hell (or Heaven, for that manner) is going to be a prime security risk. Many Circles handle the problem through the traditional hooded robes, cell system, and/or changing their meeting place every time any of their number dies. Reincarnation is the ideal for these Sorcerers.

Banish - Followers of Ma'at do not need the equivalent Summoning rituals to Banish demonlings or demons. However, Banishing demonlings requires Banishing/4, Banishing demons requires Banishing/6, and knowing the true name of a demon has no benefit.

Command - Command Demonling is not available.

Exorcism - All rituals will cost one less Essence than for normal Sorcerers, and a failure to Exorcise the subject will prevent the Follower from trying again for only CD days.

Focus - not affected.

Summon - Followers of Ma'at do not learn how to Summon demons of any type. Trying to use regular sorcerous Command Rituals will be at -2.

Enchantment - Followers of Ma'at may add their Ethereal Forces to Alchemy and Enchantment rolls. They do not learn Necromancy.

Will-Wars - Followers of Ma'at must make a successful Perception roll to enter a Will-War. As they do not normally Summon demons, they are only rarely compelled to enter into one with a demon, and are thus (if they enter a Will-War with a Diabolical) at -1 to rolls if their Summoning skill is below 3.


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