Forts Laredo & Guadelupe Tether

By Moe Lane


This Tether first appeared during France's campaign to install Maxmillian as Emperor of Mexico. The triggering even was a battle in 1862 where 4,500 Mexican troops defeated over 6,500 better-equipped French soldiers. The celestial locus of a wild Tether appeared briefly in Michael's portion of the Groves ... but just as abruptly winked out when France sent more troops to Mexico in response, thus reversing the importance of the victory. The Tether did not reappear even after Maxmillian's overthrow , so Michael shrugged and went on to other things.

However, the anniversary of the battle (May 5, or Cinco De Mayo) became first a local, then a national holiday - and symbolic of freedom. When the holiday spread beyond Mexico, it became sufficiently associated with Freedom that a new Tether arose on the ashes of the new.

However, this new Tether has not yet been stabilized, partially because its celestial focus is alternating between Lilith's Guildhall ... and Michael's section of the Groves. This is highly unusual, which means that Superiors on both sides will be mildly interested in acquiring or studying this Tether themselves.

Celestials from either side can discover this unusual turn of events at any time convenient to the campaign. Needless to say, both Michael and Lilith will turn to experienced corporeal agents (the PCs) to subtly nudge perceptions of the triggering event away from the wrong Word-interpretation: if either Superior can keep it in Heaven or Hell long enough, it can be properly stabilized and attuned to a Seneschal.

This Tether is likely to remain fairly weak, no matter who gets it, so too-drastic measures are probably not called for. Still, the statement 'instrumental in snatching a Tether from the hands of the Enemy' always looks good in one's personnel file...


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