Celestials From Outer Space

By Prodigal


"I know," Princess Karma said with a giggle, "We'll have a contest! Whoever captures and returns the luststone, will win me!"

"Oh, great," Samanthiel the Cherub thought as the teenage boys of all races began chasing after the glowing crystal sphere, "How am I supposed to protect Tommy from this?"

With IN Anime coming up, I decided to beat SJG to the punch by adapting In Nomine to my current favorite anime-themed game. And so without further ado, I give you the Teenagers From Outer Space adaptation of In Nomine. (You must own a copy of Teenagers From Outer Space and In Nomine to play.)

Celestial TFOS characters are created just like normal TFOS characters. Roll 1d6 nine times, then assign the result of each roll to one of the nine stats. Relationship With Superior (AKA Relationship With Parents) is used to dtermine success in dealing with the Archangel or Demon Prince your character serves, and Driving is used by celestials with wings (or Ofanim) to fly.

Celestial TFOS characters also have an Essence statistic, which is rolled after the other nine statistics have been assigned. This represents the character's starting Essence, which can go up to 9. Essence is regained both at the normal rate of one point/day, and by performing rites, exactly as in In Nomine. To determine the character's starting Rites, roll 1d6/2, and select them from the rites for your character's superior. Essence can be spent to improve the character's chances of succeeding at a knack roll, but the When Too Much Is Too Much rule of TFOS applies.

Celestial TFOS characters roll 2d6 rather than 1d6 to determine the number of points that can be spent on Knacks. Songs are bought as Knacks, and can not be bought at higher than 3 to start with.

Celestials do not roll on the Strange Alien Powers Man Was Not Meant To Know table, but instead roll 1d6/2, to determine what angelic or demonic abilities they have in addition to their Choir or Band resonance. The first of the 1-3 abilities must be the Choir or Band attunement appropriate to the celestial's Superior.

There are no vessels in TFOS In Nomine - Celestials only have one form, and their status as Near Humans, Not Very Near Humans, or Real Weirdies depends on their Choir or Band.

As this is not suitable for anything buy a silly game, two of the Demon Princes' Words had to be changed slightly. Since no TFOS character ever actually manages to sleep with anyone, Andrealphus has become the Prince of Making Out, and the total absence of lethality in TFOS means that Saminga has to become the Prince of Bonk, instead.

Trauma: Use the TFOS rules for recovering Bonk damage to simulate Trauma, with the exception of Malakim. Their choir's immunity to Trauma is represented by recovering from negative Bonk twice as fast as normal.

Dissonance: Celestials take dissonance as normal. If the celestial gains an amount of dissonance equal or higher than his or her Bonk, the player rolls 1d6, and adds the level of dissonance. The GM rolls 1d6+6. If the GM's roll is higher, the dissonance is converted to discord, at one level of discord for every two points of dissonance. If the player rolls higher, the celestial falls (if an angel,) or redeems (if a demon.)

Choirs and Bands

This will cover how the Teenagers From Outer Space versions of the Choirs and Bands work in the TFOS rules. The format they will be presented in is Choir/Band Name*, what type of TFOS alien they equate to, and how their resonance works in TFOS mechanics. Except where otherwise noted, angelic resonances are based on Smarts, while demonic resonances are based on Cool. Substitute the amount the celestial beats the target number by for the check digit (with results over 6 putting the celestial at risk of falling afoul of the When Too Much Is Too Much rule.) If no details on a Choir or Band's resonance is listed, it functions as detailed in In Nomine.

*For convenience, Near Human will be abbreviated as NH, Not Very Near Human as NVH, and Real Weirdie as RW.


Seraphim - NVH - A Seraph can roll its resonance to resist a human Fake Out attempt.

Cherubim - NVH - TFOS Cherubim all appear as anthropomorphic winged animals.

Ofanim - RW - Ofanim roll Driving to use their resonance. In addition to being able to detect the fastest route to a location, Ofanim have the Super-Speed power.

Elohim - NVH

Malakim - NH - While the oath about never surrendering or allowing oneself to be captured by the forces of Lucifer can be left as-is in silly campaigns (and, if the Malakite's player is suitable poker-faced, can give rise to high comedy,) "Never suffer an evil to win when it is my choice" is far more suitable to TFOS Malakim (except, perhaps, among NPC Malakim who refuse to accept the lack of lethality in the game.) The remaining two oaths should likewise be designed as appropriately suited to silly games.

Kyriotates - RW - Kyriotates do not need vessels in TFOSIN, but can possess other beings as per the In Nomine rules, rolling their Cool versus the host's Smarts. Aliens count as 7-force beings for the purposes of possession. If a Kyrio's host is reduced to negative Bonk, the Kyrio takes a point of dissonance. While the sight of a Kyrio does not automatically stun those who see it, the Kyrio can spend a point of essence to attempt to stun those non-celestials who see it, rolling its Looks versus their Cool.

Mercurians - NH


Balseraphs - NVH - Balseraphs are the only type of Celestial that can use the human Fake Out ability.

Djinn - NVH - TFOS Djinn, like Cherubim, appear as anthropomorphic winged animals. Whether they appear frightening or comical is left to player and GM discretion.

Calabim - NVH - TFOS Calabim start with 1d6 levels of Discord, and roll Body to inflict Bonk with their resonance.

Habbalah - NVH - Habbalah roll Smarts versus their victims' Cool to use their resonance.

Lilim - NVH - Lilim roll Smarts to detect Needs, and Cool versus their victims' Cool to inflict a Geas.

Shedim - RW - A Shedite can still only possess one being at a time, rolling its Looks versus its victim's Cool. Given the silliness of TFOS, the acts a Shedite will inspire its host toward will tend to be more innocuous than in In Nomine, and certain organs are never extruded from its form (and any tentacles are strictly used for holding pencils, thankyouverymuch.) Any attempts to guide its host toward having sex will meet with as little success as any other TFOS character's attempts to do so on their own. Repeated attempts will lead to the Shedite being ejected. The host is allowed to roll its Cool versus the Shedim's Cool once per day to expel the Shedite, and if the host is reduced to negative Bonk, the Shedite is expelled and takes a point of dissonance.

Impudites - NH - Impudites must be created with a minimum Cool of 2.


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