By Moe Lane


It all started in Gehenna.

The first sets of explosions were somewhat minor: the next batch weren't (apparently, Baal is - was - a nuclear power). Things quickly turned messy after that, as various weapons were wrested away from their demonic owners and turned on them. A breakout from the Principality soon followed, in pretty much every direction at once. The mob simply bowled over everything in its way, horrifically unconcerned with the casualties that they took.

Just as the confusion in one Principality was at its height, the destruction in another started. Whoever was behind this one was grimly aware of just who was a threat to the revolt: their nuking of Asmodeus' main bureaucratic centers (how the _Hell_ did they get these things?) guaranteed the attention of the Prince of the Game for just long enough to make the rest of Hades a free-fire zone. The holding pens full of confused souls just added to the mayhem.

The third organized strikes were in Sheol: no nukes here, but the suicide waves of damned souls were almost as bad. The damned in Sheol were the most organized, overrunning those demons set to watch over them and plunging en masse into the Lake of Fire, where somehow (and the Princes would very much like to know how this was done) wholesale smashing of Hearts began. This was true in all three Principalities, actually, but Sheol was the place where it first became obvious.

Everything just got messy from there.

Now, the important thing to remember is that all of this happened about, oh, five minutes ago (from the point of view of your players). Most demons won't realize anything's wrong until the Tethers start exploding, or they find themselves suddenly Discordant. It'll take longer for most angels to find out what's going on.

So, what's going on?

At the moment, half of Hell's in the middle of a good old-fashioned slave revolt. Three Principalities are in various degrees of shambles: the demons may be more potent, but the souls have nothing to lose - _and_ they drastically outnumber their opponents. It's an open question whether or not the uprising has had enough momentum to keep going in the face of bloodthirsty suppression methods, but nobody in Hell is going to have a good day today, period.

Those Princes in areas not yet affected are doing their Damndest to keep it that way: those who are are finding themselves being nibbled to death by ducks. There are billions of souls in Hell: not everyone's joined in, yet, but if they do, then there will be vacancies in a lot of organizations before it's all over.

Baal and Asmodeus are especially infuriated: this may be bad for Hell, but it's humiliating for them. It has to be an internal job: there was no way for mere humans to get their hands on the equipment or intelligence needed to pull this revolt off. Just who is responsible hasn't been determined yet (the only demons that have a shot at ferreting it out - Kronos' Balseraph-seraphim - seem to be a favorite target for the mob, oddly enough), but when they do find out, there will literally be Hell to pay.

And, no, Heaven had nothing to do with this one (although Michael hasn't stopped laughing and Dominic reportedly chuckled when he heard the news). Let's just say that Hell brought it upon itself, all things considered.

(to be continued...)


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