Janet's Temps (Organization)

By James Walker


Janet's Temps is a large agency which specialises in providing telephone staff for other organisations' busy periods. One of the reasons they are so popular is that the temps work from Janet's - calls are redirected to the phones in the office, avoiding over crowding in the offices of the hiring organisation. Although many employers are initially suspicious of having telephone staff so far away from office records, Janet's reputation overcomes most fears. Certainly Janet's has an outstanding record. The fact that they are routinely letter bombed is not mentioned, except when explaining to suspicious government officials why Janet's will not list a street address.

Janet's is, of course, a cover organisation for Trade. 'Janet Simpson' was the Role of a Malakite of Trade who specialised in infiltrating diabolical organisations as a secretary. Feeling honour-bound to fulfil her contract efficiently, 'Janet' built up a reputation which allowed her to start a secretarial business which thrived under angelic supervision. 'Janet' has since had to retire, due to the age of the Role and as the Malakite has since earned the Word of Telephone Transactions; however Janet's continues to thrive.

To be employed by Janet's, the employee must have a spotless record, either (as a human) having been cleared by one of Laurence's Soldier recruitment teams or (as an Angel) being recommended by one's direct superior and being cleared by the Divine Inquisition. More importantly, they must have an effective Will (for resisting Diabolical resonances) of 12+. Thus, every human working in Janet's has the Blessed Advantage, and most (but not all) are aware of the War. Seraphim are the most common angels working in Janet's.

The primary purpose of Janet's is to cause Balseraphs and Habbalah dissonance. The telephone numbers of all known demons are passed by most Heavenly organisations (especially Trade & The Sword, but more importantly by Destiny & Revelation) to Janet's. If the demon rings any organisation Janet's is working for, the call is automatically transferred to Janet's, with a warning message to the telephone operator that this will be 'a difficult customer'. Whether dealing with a credit card debt or getting electricity reconnected, Balseraphs & Habbalah tend to overuse their resonance. Further, unlike most organisations, it's fairly easy to persuade the employees of Janet's to put you through to someone 'higher up'; the idea is that if a Balseraphs' resonance fails on one individual but doesn't cause the Balseraph dissonance, giving the Balseraph another chance to hurt themselves is the way to go. Also, if the demon actually succeeds in persuading someone (which normally requires an Infernal Intervention) having an extra rung in the hierarchy prevents them from actually getting what they want.

Once a Balseraph has succeeded in giving himself dissonance, Janet's carefully records who did so and prevents the Balseraph from speaking with that individual again 'unless they can prove' [whatever]. This causes Balseraph's who are attempting to rid themselves of dissonance to rack up even more.

Other demons end up ringing Janet's, of course. Impudites are especially common, closely followed by Shedim (or more accurately, Shedim tend to be in Celestial while someone else rings). Sadly Janet's cannot cause them much damage, other than foiling their plans.

The secondary purpose of Janet's is spying. To fulfil their work, the company must have access to the employing company's records, so these are carefully combed for irregularities. Although no demonically influenced business would employ Janet's, this has been useful for dealing with mundane corruption. Janet's does not reveal the corruption themselves but instead passes the information on to The Sword for later use. Additionally, Seraphim eavesdrop on all conversations with demons - Seraphim of Revelations are particularly skilled at this task (although they are not permitted to actually talk to customers, of course!) All conversations with demons are recorded, allowing Elohim, Malakim & Mercurians to analyse the demon's personality at their leisure. Janet's will happily lease transcripts to other angels.

Not all of Janet's employees man the phones. Kyriotates of Lightning are especially well-paid - they inhabit the phones of the Balseraphs who've rung Janet's to spy on the demon and enjoy 'answering' a phone call by the Liar - and causing the Balseraph still more dissonance.

The War will never be mentioned within the office. Even if everyone present is aware of it, there is too much risk of a Perceptive demon who has rung Janet's overhearing the conversation. Also, office machinery is impressively quiet, and can never be heard over the phones - Janet's learnt the hard way that infuriated Calabim will use their resonance on anything they can hear. The phones themselves do not ring, merely flash to indicate callers.

Janet's buys a number of other agencies every year. These are split, amalgamated, disbanded, downsized, rightsized etc before being resold - allowing Janet's to slip paper trails for angelic Roles into the cracks. Janet's makes a sizeable profit from this. Additionally, on two occasions this has allowed Janet's to destroy the Roles of Impudites of Lust who were infiltrating human society as secretaries.

Janet's is major concern is with Tax. If they can get a major contract with Taxation, they'll be able to bankrupt demonic Roles at will. This is being fought by Hell tooth and nail - anyone who can help Janet's win this battle will be richly rewarded by Trade.


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