The Evidence Locker

By Moe Lane


It's not exactly a secret (considering that the organizations of Judgement, Lightning, Protection, Revelations, the Sword, Trade, War and the Wind are regular contributors, it can't very well be), but its actual location is vague. The Evidence Locker is supposed to be in the bowels of the Halls of Progress: given the physics of most Superior Cathedrals, if Jean doesn't want you to find it, you won't.

A shame, really: the place is fascinating. It's where physical items seized during legal investigations, military campaigns, covert operations and just plain Incidents eventually end up. Anything deemed too sensitive, too dangerous, or too weird to be released into the general angelic population will be brought here, catalogued, filed and stored - and quite often, forgotten by everybody involved.

Granted, every so often Servitors of Revelations or Archives or Lightning will sort through the assembled materials, and a small (very small) number of angels will be given limited research privileges, but for the most part the items in the Evidence Locker just sit there, untouched by any hands.

The gaming potential of the Evidence Locker should be obvious. 20,000+ years of constant War have produced all sorts of baroque and/or bizarre relics, and the really sensitive stuff all ends up here. You could find anything here. You can also justify anything with an explanation of:

"It was a prototype: the Council immediately slapped a 'Suppressed' sticker on it. Of course, that was back in 865 BC. The status was reviewed and upgraded last week, and so it's OK now to release into the general population. Suitably tested, of course. If you could just sign here?"


"OH, MY GOD! Who signed it out of the specially-reinforced bunker! Get it back - NOW!"

or even

"Beats me why anybody wanted to steal it. Still, they went to a lot of trouble to grab it, so maybe they know more than we do, huh? Better go track it down. At the very least, find out what it does, OK?"

PCs could also be assigned to be the ones trying to reel in new acquisitions, either in the Friday the 13th television series style ("Wow. Why did Vapula make so many gadgets that required killing a human for them to function? Wouldn't using puppies or something be less blatantly obvious") or behind-the-scenes GURPS Warehouse 23/:Raiders of the Lost Ark: style ("We've got our top men looking into it." "Who?" "Top men."). In either case, expect them to load up on the toys: that should be OK, as long as their fingers don't get too sticky.


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