LIL: Mechanics and Adventure Seeds

By Eric Burns


Lilith stops being invokable as of this time. Those who wish to play events and scenes during this period of Lilith's early expansion should know the following.

Luciferian Words

The Luciferian Word-bound, Demon and Prince alike, continue to hemmorage Word-strength. Each day that passes, right at dawn when angels receive their Essence for the day, the Symphony reclaims some of what Lucifer imposed upon it, and all Luciferian Words lose a Word force. Demons (or Princes) with only one Word force lose one of their Forces instead, all as per the Game Master's Guide.

Servitors of Luciferian Princes or Word-bound continue to have their master's attunements, which in turn continue to work. Rites also continue to work so long as the Luciferian Word continues to be actively supported. Note that Princes who are adapted to Lilithian Words no longer support their Luciferian Words, and their old rites stop working even if their old attunements do not disappear. This is even true of Demons of Lust (for example), whose Superior's Word did not change. Old Servitors would need to have Andrealphus's rites re-granted to them for them to work, as the Luciferian Word of Lust they are attuned to is no longer supported.

Note that Kronos seems to be an exception. Either his Word was privately adapted by Lilith, or the Word of Fate is independent of Lucifer and Lilith alike.

Note that while Valefor is missing, his rites do still work.

During this time, the Luciferian Princes continue to bolster their failing Words. While most Luciferian Word-bound perish within a month of Lucifer's death, the Princes are vastly more powerful and have great reserves to work from. Servitors of Luciferian Princes are given more and more Earthbound assignments, trying to promote their Words wherever possible and delay the inevitable.

There is considerable unity between the Luciferian Princes during this time, at least until Vapula defects and becomes Prince of Science under Lilith. Baal has assumed a kind of Martial Law, with Asmodeus supporting him where possible. And, while Lilith has the heart of Hell (and the entire of the Lower Hells) under her sway, the Luciferian Princes still have the core of Hell's provinces under their control. In particular, Abaddon, Gehenna, and Perdition are wholly under control of the Luciferian Princes. Shal-Mari -- currently the Berlin of Hell -- is contested between Kobal and Haagenti on the Luciferian side and Andrealphus and Rebekah on the Lilithian side in a bitter cold war. Alaemon is rapidly gaining control of Stygia from Malphas, and perhaps is angling for Hades as well, though Asmodeus is keeping him at bay for now. Sheol is in open warfare between Belial and Furfur, and Tartarus and the Nightmare side of the Marches are firmly in Lilithian hands.

New and Changed Superiors

Here are the effects of the changes to Lilith and the First Seven Major Princes. Note that while reference is made to realigning Servitors to the Princes' new Words to allow access to their Rites, the Princes may choose to give their Rites to anyone, including old but untouched Servitors. However, their old Rites will not work from the moment of their conversion, and as a rule the Princes will require an old Servitor to be remade in the image of their Superior's new Word before granting Rites or privileges.

Alaemon: Luciferian Secrets to Lilithian Intelligence. Old members of the Conspiracy continue to have their Attunements, their Secret Society Places and their ranks, but need realignment by Alaemon from the Luciferian Word of Secrets to the Word of Intelligence before gaining Alaemon's new rites. An Alaemon writeup will follow.

Andrealphus: Luciferian Lust to Lilithian Lust. His writeup doesn't change, though his Luciferian Servitors will need to be realigned before they can use his rites again.

Beleth: Luciferian Nightmares to Lilithian Horror. She uses her old Servitors almost immediately to defend the Marches, and converts them when she has opportunity. Writeup to follow.

Furfur: Luciferian Hardcore to Lilithian Destruction. The Superior of choice for violent Luciferian demons of all stripes, Furfur swiftly gets converts from the War, Fire, Hardcore (naturally) and Death. The process of his conversion seems to have levened his impetuous nature and given him more of a brain. Writeup to follow.

Kronos: There is no change in the Prince of Fate -- his Servitors do not even need realignment to a new Word. His writeup is unchanged.

Lilith: Luciferian Freedom to Queen of Hell. Rites, Lilith's dissonance conditions and any distinctions she once may have given stop working. Lilith has more than stopped supporting the Word of Freedom -- she has completely abandoned it.

Vapula: Luciferian Technology to Lilithian Science: Vapula's servitors need to be realigned to his new Word in order to have access to his Rites. Writeup to follow.

Rebekah: The Princess of the Deal has her own attunements, Rites, distinctions and methods. She does not carry or support Lilith's old Rites or dissonance conditions. Writeup to follow.

Hell Under Lilith: The Early Days

The period described under "The Consolidation of the Queen's Power (or, the first Seven Major Princes)" is one of tremendous chaos for Hell. Increasingly desperate, the Luciferian Princes are willing to allow Lilith "her little demonstrations" while searching for a way to stabilize their Words and retake the Granite Throne. Her choice of Andrealphus as her first Prince after the dangerous Kronos is seen by many in Hell's War faction as a sign of sentimentality over strategy, and allows Lilith to make several more moves before opposition really begins to take shape. By the time her true strategy does begin to come clear -- that Lilith intends to fight the War very differently from the Hell of old, and is choosing her Princes accordingly, the Luciferians are already in a bad position -- especially with seven Princes, all stable and growing in strength, with at least four of them formerly major Luciferian princes with organizations to match, and the rest save Rebekah at least former Minor Princes. The speedy loss of the Luciferian Word-bound, made worse by Lilith's willingness to name new Word-bound of her own, without any consideration for prior claims on those Words, is also hard on the Luciferians, especially when their Word-bound begin "crossing the River Styx" as the phrase is bandied in Hell, petitioning the new Princes for service in exchange for new or stable Words.

Free Lilim: The Frees are enjoying a booming business, despite the loss of their Mother's Rites. They enjoy unprecidented freedom of travel and activity -- with their Mother the Queen of Hell, it's entirely possible the Free Lilim are now sacrosanct, and even the Luciferian Princes aren't about to test that premise.

What disturbs the Free Lilim is how little contact their Mother has had with them. Most of the Frees are willing to step up and work with their Mother as independent contractors, working her will in a way she knows she can trust. However, it seems Lilith isn't buying -- and very few Free Lilim seem to be in line for Words, where some Lilim serving one of the seven current Major Princes have successfully petitioned Lilith.

Of course, one Free Lilim got the motherlode of prizes. Rebekah, Lilim Princess of the Deal, has not only been lifted to the ruling class of Hell but in many ways is Lilith's lieutenant and assistant. However, her being given the ability to create Lilim and reassign Geases disturbs many of the Frees, as does her aggressive recruiting techniques among the Frees. Rebekah isn't much interested in promoting the Free Lilim ideal, it seems... and to date, not one of the Lilim she has created has been a Free.

Still, everything seems to be going well for them....

Infernal Adventure Seeds

Luciferian Seeds: On Earth, tremendous efforts are being waged by all of the Princes in the name of promoting their Words. GMs can easily run any number of increasingly desperate attempts to raise the profile of a given Superior's Word.

Example: The PCs, Servitors of Belial, are given a mission to start a rampaging fire in Sequoia National Forest -- the larger and more devastating, the better. They are to make it clearly an act of terrorism and arson, claiming responsibility for "The Cleansing Fire." Opposition will be stiff from Servitors of Animals, Flowers and the Sword.

Also, a large number of Earth-duty Servitors, shaken by Lucifer's death and the Chaos in Hell, have begun to go Renegade or even seek Redemption. Given the distractions the Luciferian Princes are undergoing, many of these Renegades aren't even bothering to shatter their Hearts first. As a result, there are a certain number of retrieval or elimination missions being assigned to loyal Servitors. There are potential seeds on either side of this issue.

Finally, Heaven -- while having some troubles of its own (see followup post) is keeping the post-Lucifer's demise pressure up high. Tethers -- many of which no longer have Seneschals as they follow their Words into death -- are being assaulted in cities all over the world, and Princes need extra hands on duty keeping their pathways and Essence sources vital.

In Hell, Luciferian Seeds will center around the need for control of Hell proper and Hell's resources. Shal-Mari, as the most hotly contested city, will be laboring to continue with Sin as usual -- with similar battles going on in the other contested areas. Also, information gathering (especially by the Game and the War) is at a premium in all contested areas and Lilith-controlled areas. There are always agendas to be followed. Any number of plots and scenes can evolve out of the fight for Hell's population (and Essence.)

In the Marches, Beleth's demons (both Demons of Luciferian Nightmares and Demons of Horror) do battle to protect the back door to Hell from invasion, bolstered (much to their chagrin) by Servitors of Lust. Lusties in turn have been granted both access and charged with the duty of infecting even dreamscapes on Blandine's side of the Marches with sinful Lust. Blandine (and Laurence, whose forces had been assaulting the Nightmares side of the Marches with Blandine's Angels) are both fighting to maintain the purity of good Dreams as well as looking for an opening in Beleth's defenses.

Lilithian Seeds: (Note that some of these will have to wait for writeups of the new Superiors and their Words, though extrapolation can be developed.)

On Earth, Lilith's Princes are quietly establishing their power (and Tethers, where appropriate.) While they let their Luciferian brothers make noise throughout the Corporeal Realm (and screen their activities in), the seven Major Princes known during this period are devoting their Corporeal activities to consolidation.

PCs are likely going to be sent to unmanned Tethers for posting and awaiting stabilization (or rerouting -- Furfur has been poaching Fire's tethers with almost reckless abandon). The Alaemish will be stepping up infiltration of corporeal agencies and organizations -- all as part of Intelligence Gathering, of course. The Furfurites -- far from going out and wreaking havoc, as some might think, are instead moving to quietly secure potential areas of Destruction, while enjoying some of the ancilliary minor Tethers to Destruction the efforts of the Luciferians are making when they're not looking. Science is reaffirming their hold on Luciferian Technology Tethers and organizations, while moving more and more into theoretical areas. Lust is keeping a low profile, as one of the least changed of the new Major Principalities. However, they're carefully reinstating (or realigning, where possible) Seneschals to Lust to help protect Lust's tethers and reestablishing Lust's corporeal holdings. Servitors of Horror, finding themselves more concerned with the Corporeal Realm than Nightmares alone had ever been, are mostly trying to acclimate to their new duties without drawing undue attention. Rebekah's Demons of the Deal, entirely new to their duties, are already moving into the places of power -- guided by those former Servitors of the Luciferian Game and Luciferian Greed who have crossed the Styx to Rebekah's service to the places where deals happen and worlds shake. Most Dealers are finding themselves in national capitals, on national stock exchanges, or in organized crime.


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