A Slightly Different Idea...

By Cameron McCurry


It was seven PM and Nine Stitch was still open for business. In the middle of the shop, a table had been set up and several women were gathered around. They worked on their various knitting projects and caught each other up on the latest news. It was a regular meeting for them; every one of the women relied on each other for company and were joined together by a love of knitting.

The tranquility was shattered by a young man who burst in through the front door. He pointed a gun at the group as his dilated eyes tried to focus.

"One of you empty the register NOW! Move it or I start shooting!"

The lady at the head of the table got up and moved cautiously towards the register. She kept her hands up and smiled at him. "Just calm down young man. You don't need to point that gun at us."

"Lady, I ain't here for a discussion. Now move it!" The last two words were punctuated by the robber slapping her across the face with his pistol. Since his back was now towards the group, he didn't see what happened next.

A blinding pain shot across his body. He turned sluggishly and realized that one of the women was brandishing a telescoping baton. Turning to face her was a bad mistake though as it left his face exposed as a target. He went to the ground with a sickening thud.

The woman who wielded the baton looked over at her friend. "Mary, are you-"

"Fine, Samantha just fine. I landed all right but I'll probably be sore for days." She looked at the women who were gathering around the man. He had curled into a tight fetal position and was moaning in pain.

"So, do we call the cops or the Coroner's office first?"

Back at the table were two women that watched events unfold. One of them turned a shocked gaze to her companion. "Did you see that? How could they do this?"

The other woman smiled at her. "Now, dear, just calm down. Yes, it looks horrifying but there is nothing wrong with protecting ourselves. Stay awhile and we'll explain. That is, after we've finished with this mess.."

When they first heard about it, Novalis turned varying shades of white, beige and green, Laurence was stunned into silence for several minutes, Michael's jaw dropped in shock and Janus couldn't stop laughing. David simply shrugged in response, which was about all they could get out of the Archangel of Stone.

There was this Elohite of David's who was sent to Earth to teach humans the Way of Stone. Now, the typical response for one of David's people is to set up martial arts classes, Zen monasteries or bike gangs. But let's face it; that's been done over and over again. The Elohite realized this within five minutes and came to the conclusion that a different approach might be in order.

She stumbled on a group of women that gathered regularly to knit completely by accident. She sat in on a meeting once and was intrigued by the group dynamic that Stone was completely overlooking. Not only that, but she learned how to make a sweater.

After a bit of analysis of all available facts, she could not come up with any reason why a group of older women should not learn how to protect themselves and how to stay together. After all, the elderly have just as much a right and a need to protect themselves. There was no reason that they should depend on others. So she stayed with the group and got to work.

David was somewhat skeptical at the whole idea, but the results that the Elohite achieved earned his approval. Some of the women have even become Soldiers of Stone much to the surprise of the local angels. The Infernal side has yet to learn about them, but it will certainly come as an unpleasant surprise the next time some hotheaded Calabite gets the notion that slapping an old woman around is a good warm up exercise.


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