Norse Tether: The North Pole

By James Walker


There are a number of North Poles - in addition to the two geographical options, Greenland & Finland both have tourist traps claiming the title. THE North Pole, however, is part of Valhalla, and from it Odin rewards children who have been 'good' (i.e., sent him essence) with presents every Winter Solstice. It's an effective way of recruiting; Western children dream of Santa and presents every December, and some of them die in their sleep. A slow but reliable trickle of child Dream-Shades heads to Odin every year. There are other advantages: If an Ethereal with the Soul-Link Discord asks their attuned 'what would you like for [next] Christmas' they're off the hook for requests until Christmas has passed; the essence supply is substantial; and Soldiers of God who would be leery of helping an Ethereal god will rarely complain if Santa turns up in an emergency and gives them 'gifts' which will help them survive the War with Hell.

of course, he needs presents. This isn't terribly difficult; granted that children can be as greedy as any adult, a single robbery of a toy store can provide Odin with sufficient gifts for scores of children. this is a common task for his Soldiers during November and December; the toys once stolen are smuggled into different countries for distribution to his followers. human nature being what it is, most of his Soldiers have rationalised this as 'take from the rich, give to the poor' (even if they've just bankrupted a small family business) and consider themselves the rightful successors to the Viking raiders.

Adults need more substantial presents, so if Odin is 'wooing' Soldiers of God, they may get a mortgage paid off or be given a minor artifact (generally taken from the forces of Hell, and invariably one which Odin has decided is too dangerous to be used by his own troops - nobody said Odin was nice). Such things are fairly easy to get hold of.

Of course, if some Soldiers of God have a child die during December, they'll be less than impressed to find out a decade later that their child is now an Einheriar loyally worshipping Odin...

Rites for the North Pole Tether

Worship Rite: Write a letter to Santa (this Rite is similar to the Celestial Song of Tongues - up to 15 words, generally being the child's name, address and what they want will be attached to the essence when received by Odin).

Normal Rite: Have stolen and/or distributed Christmas presents to 40 children who've sent essence to Odin; gains 1 essence, if more than 40, gain an additional essence every day until have gained 1 essence per 40 or fraction thereof. Odin now has some fairly large organisations delivering presents - the essence is divvied up equally amongst those involved in the operation.


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