Rebel Rebel

By Jo Hart


Had an idea for an IN weird setting.

What if the real rebellion was when all of the firstborn archangels got together, murdered the Metratron and killed God, a la Murder on the Orient Express?

Everything else came about when they were trying to divide the spoils. Factions in Heaven, based around disagreements about humanity and how to split the world between the prime movers. And then a War. A war that was presented to the celestial followers of each party as a divine holy war.

Not all of the initial archangels knew about the 'real' plot, of course. Gabriel, Michael, Yves, Uriel, Baal, Malphas, and Lucifer were the main instigators. Perhaps they were even justified -- who knows?

No wonder Uriel wanted to keep the Marches pure; perhaps God really was originally an ethereal, and all of the celestials had an interest in never allowing another ethereal god to grow large enough to threaten their universe.

No wonder that Michael hates Yves (who still hasn't mentioned to anyone that he and Kronos are split personalities), Gabriel went mad, and Malphas & Baal aren't the celestials they used to be. It's the guilt, you see. And the fear. Patricide has its own rewards.

For Yves/Kronos, it was a matter of life or death. If they were a spark of the divine that had been granted some intelligence, it wanted to live.

No wonder Kronos caused consternation in Hell; Lucifer being rather quicker on the uptake than Michael realized quickly that he could brainwash this strange being and turn it into his slave -- he didn't know what it was, but he sensed it was all connected with that first murder.

Any 'known' sightings of God since then were really carefully staged by the few that did know (can it be any surprise that 'God' saved Michael's backside from Dominic?)

Of course, they can never be sure that God is really dead. This is why all rumors of genuine prophets (Gabriel barely counts, her prophecies are insane and she knows the truth) are investigated with extreme caution by both sides. Of course, Dominic and Asmodeus nobly (and ignobly) try to stamp out heresy and false gods -- but those in the know terminate potential prophets with prejudice ... just in case.


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