Restaurant of Lost Souls

By Josh Moger


Actually, the restaurant is called "Thursdays." It's your usual, run-of-the-mill, theme restaurant. Customers usually come in to buy coffee and pancakes in the morning, and families tend to bring their children for the early bird specials. The real crowd, however, comes in between eleven and two. The specials of the day all seem to be in effect around that time. It attracts both blue and white collar workers, all eager for the actually quality cooking that they recieve. Even angels, especially of Creation and Flowers, like to come there for the quality fare.

Which is surprising.

Since the entire establishment is run by Impudites of Gluttony.

It's odd, really. No one thinks of the best means of getting that daily dose of essence that humans generate every day at noon. One particularly observant Impudite (recently Fallen from Creation) who had been a cook in a previous Role, started a small hotdog stand, making sure to be on the corner of a particularly busy street around lunch time. It turned out to be the perfect opportunity. With just a smile and a bit of small talk, the Impudite hid his Charm resonance and drained his customer's essence. There wasn't much per customer, but there was plenty due to the number of customers. Eventually, though, customers started avoiding the hot dog stand, due to the series of unfortunate accidents that seemed to surround it. Desperate to prove his idea was worthy of a servitor attunement from his new master, the Impudite began using his band attunement to instill hunger in random strangers passing his cart, so as to gain new clientele and keep up his essence harvest. Unfortunately, the disturbance and the sudden biting hunger of a passing Malakite (who remembered shaking hands with a particularly friendly hotdog seller), resulted in the Impudite getting sent to his Heart (with a particularly humorous use of his own hotdog stand).

Recovering from his weenie attack, the demon looked over his options and decided to present his plan to Haagenti, believing that his results would speak for themselves.

Well, after Haagenti swallowed the Impudite whole (he still smelled of hotdogs... with relish. Haagenti looooooves relish), the Demon Prince remembered what his, former, servitor had spoken of. Restaurants where the patrons come for the food but leave with no essence? Hmmm...

So "Thursdays" was implemented. The restaurant was in fact built over a Tether to Gluttony. The Seneschal is a Habbalite Captain of Cannibals, who poses as the hostess, using her resonance to make sure that any customer who comes in will stay until filled and then eat a bit more.

Haagenti actually planned the restaurant well. The waiters and waitresses are Impudites, but they only Charm/Drain during the lunch rush. The Seneschal has a linkup in her ear that allows her to get messages from an office behind the kitchen. The office is staffed by a Djinn of Technology on loan from Vapula. The Djinn constantly monitors one screen from a camera posted at the entrance to the door. It's not perfect, but the camera is a new technology incorporating the Impudite Technology band attunement glasses. The Seneschal makes sure to sit anyone who has a suspiciously high amount of essence at the tables the Impudites don't target for draining.

Haagenti is using Thursdays as a test run. If it works, he'll look into a franchise.

And then there's the Lilim waitresses/cooks he's thinking about bringing in...


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