Socerer's World: Introduction

By James Walker


It all began when Hatiphas struck a deal with God.

She didn't negotiate it in person, of course. As always, Marc handled such mundane matters. Kobal suspects that she'd have got a better deal if she'd insisted on negotiating direct.

The terms of the deal are simple:

The deal was sufficient to make Hatiphas a Superior. Although Lucifer refused to grant the title, the Banishment was such a blow to Demonic Freedom that Lilith had a fatal heart attack. Hatiphas zombified her body and used the geases she was owed to somehow acquire Lilith's title. Hatiphas now dwells on earth as a Renegade Demon Princess; Lilith's zombi still serves her as a handmaiden.

The remaining Superiors immediately switched their efforts to the Marches, much to the displeasure of Blandine and Beleth. Once the smoke had cleared, every Superior had lost large numbers of Servitors and the ex-lovers once again ruled the Marches. Investigations into cases of 'friendly fire', and rumours of collaboration between Blandine & Beleth have ceased; Dominic was ordered to stop investigations by God; Asmodeus stopped investigations when it became clear that Beleth could seal her Tower off, preventing the other DP's from access to The Marches. The other Superiors have been sidelined unless Allied with one of the rulers of The Marches. The most furious is Kronos - Hatiphas has somehow sidestepped her Fate.

Despite becoming a Demon Princess, Hatiphas hasn't done as well as she'd hoped. Archangels don't have to forswear activity in the Corporeal until their Saints have been trained; although all of the old AA's now have their Saints, the Seraphim Council has been creating new AA's (the AA is required to provide 100 Saints for training, so this isn't as much of a rort as it could have been). The Grigori AA's also revealed themselves, demanding that their Saints be trained. Also, with God's signature on the deal, Dominic has been obliged to lift his restrictions on Sorcery, and the trained Saints have been teaching Sorcery to other Saints and to Soldiers. The population explosion has provided Heaven with a large supply of potential Saints, and their number continues to grow. Further, Angelic Seneschals and relievers can remain on the Corporeal indefinitely. Hatiphas' plans to rule Earth have been stopped - at least for now.

There is a continuous turn over of Archangels operating on earth, of course. However, the following Archangels have a presence in The Marches expressly to allow Lucid Dreamers to contact them - the Archangels of Exorcism, Banishment (a Word much wider than the Sorcerous skill) and Alchemy. Other Archangels either bug Blandine to allow them to operate in the Marches and/or remain in Heaven training up their Saints.

The only Demonic Superiors of importance are Hatiphas and Lilith - Hatiphas has given Celestial Forces to Lilith, allowing her to regain a modicum of power; however Lilith is still 'only' a proto-Superior, and no longer possesses the ability to create Lilim.

Hatiphas has a number of Word-Bound serving her, who operate from either Limbo or The Marches.


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