Sorcerer's World: Lilith

By James Walker


A zombified human Demon Princess, a mockery of a mockery of the Fallen Angels, Lilith is the only canon Superior to still visit the Sorcerer's world.

Lilith's zombi still holds the Word of Freedom. Her short stint without Celestial Forces and her zombi nature have changed how she interprets her Word. Once her only desires were her Needs, fulfilling them seemed to be Freedom; now that she has been rebuilt she still believes this and rejects more abstract conceptions of her Word. Freedom is now the freedom to follows ones impulses, desires and addictions; the Freedom of a human to take drugs, a zombi to fulfill its Needs, for a demon to obey its Discords.

Lilith may still place a geas on a volunteer, but has lost the more potent effects of the Lilim resonance. Still, Lilith is (un)living proof that it's not what you know but who you've got by the short and curlies that counts. Her extensive Geas network has grown with the Banishment of the demons - she is the only reliable contact between Hell & earth.

Lilith rarely handles negotiations herself; the months of being bossed around as a zombi have left their mark. She acquired the following habits during that period - at all times she is being watched over by a sniper with orders to shoot anyone who tries to bully, browbeat or order her about; a skilled negotiator (often a Saint of Marc!) will haggle for her; and she is usually absent or invisible while negotiations are taking place. She can no longer be Invoked, but her negotiators' telephone numbers are common knowledge.

What does Lilith want? To fulfill her Discords, mostly. She is known to have the following Discords: Gluttony, Greed, Lustful, Need(babies), and is rumoured to have Berserk. As always, geases are good value, as are new rites, Attunements and Songs. She is far less curious than she was while alive, and has little interest in either the Marches or Hell; people there owe her Geases which she'll use if needed. Nothing else matters. Talking about Heaven is one of the things that really irritates her.

Lilith has Soldiers & Undead; some Servitors of Sorcery also are assigned to her. they can earn Knight of Freedom or Captain of the Third Choice as attunements, and/or the following rites:


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