Religions, Concepts, Words, and whatnot

By Robb Kidd


Christopher Lee wrote:
> how do we factor in other now-marginalised or extinct religious movements into IN?
> Any thoughts on: Jainism, Bah'ia, Mandaneanism, Gnosticism, Neo-Platonism, etc, etc?

While I've got no concrete gameworldview[1], I keep coming back to the scenes in the Sandman comics where you would see the Endless[2] from the perspective of another character. Martian Manhunter saw the flaming head-thing, Bast saw a big, black cat with red eyes. Something about this strikes me as Right.

I'll venture out here and stubble around this idea. Angels and demons embody or serve abstract concepts and are powered by Essence (essentially[3] a quantification of human Mindshare & Passion). Concepts feeding on belief would probably appear differently to different cultures -- who by the definition of "different cultures" have different concepts. Any spiritual worldview has its perspectives on these concepts. Since, according to canon, no religion is correct, all of these spiritual perspectives could have some validity in them.

We're stuck thinking about Archangels and Demon Prices mostly looking and operating like Westerners. Think of the Mindshare & Passion to be tapped in such a huge population as in China.[4] Is the massive amounts of Essense getting funneled from there to the words of War, Flowers, Factions and Technology not affecting the shape and attitude of of the holders of those words? Is the Essence-generating belief any less legitimate than that generated by Judeo-Christian-Islamic thinkers? To ignore it would be like snuffing out millions of shareholders.

[1] Sounds German. Spielweltensicht?
[2] Dream, mostly. Can't think of instances of depicting others.
[3] Ha!
[4] Who is the Red Worm feeding Essence to, I wonder.


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