GSG report AF/AK/D/1969CE

By John Dallman


From: Grand Strategy Group/Cosmology/Wild Ideas
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Drake's Problem and the Symphony

For some time, this issue has worried the cosmology group. The human astronomer Drake's calculations seem perfectly sound; barring intervention, the universe observable from Earth should contain many planets capable of bearing intelligent life, but while the Symphony clearly could contain such, it doesn't appear to. A wide range of Word-bounds report that they are aware of human activity in Earth orbit and on Luna, but never notice anything indicating life from other star systems.

The worst-case idea, as ever, is that they're out there but Lucifer is concealing them from us in some way. This doesn't seem very plausible.

The middle case remains the concept that the creation of life was deliberately limited to Earth. Eli is not usually available for questioning, and our recommendations that any angel encountering him ask this question have not been acted on.

A new best case has been under discussion in the Wild Ideas group for some time; it seems worth proffering it for wider consideration.

Consider the idea that there is more than one Symphony. Words are a part of the Symphony, so if there were a separate Symphony for each world with intelligent life, Word-bounds of Earth's Symphony would not detect activity on other worlds.

If we set aside heretical ideas on the relationship of the Jungian collective unconscious and the Symphony, there are still a number of precedents:

* The worryingly prophetic ideas of the human writer Stapledon, c.1935CE. He left for the Higher Heavens before anyone could ask him detailed questions. Star Maker and Nebula Maker are the most relevant texts. * The concept of parallel worlds, widely speculated on by humans, and highly relevant to quantum theories. These are, naturally, encountered in the Ethereal plane, but there have been reported encounters with genuine celestials that were either from parallel worlds, or had been faked by a Superior.

If there are multiple Symphonies, one might expect than to be linked to the Higher Heavens, possibly at levels above that reached by Jacob's ladder. In the absence of evidence to the contrary, one might expect the basic nature of other Symphonies to be similar to our own. Superiors from this Symphony, since they can enter and leave the Higher Heavens, might be able to travel to other Symphonies. They would presumably not hold Words there, and might generate Word-conflict. Such speculations, however, beg some very large questions.

* Did other Symphonies have Falls?

* We presume that God encompasses all Symphonies; how about Lucifer?


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