By Jonathan Walton (Jonathan.Walton@oberlin.edu)


Most Celestials are not quite sure to make of the Internet. After all, the super-rapid pace of change that the "computer revolution" has halmarked is on par with a rate of development that has not been seen since the Industrial Revolution, and everyone remembers what, or (more appropriately) _who_, came out of the Industrial Revolution.

However, unlike other revolutions before, the Internet is not just a revolution that will only affect the Corporeal world. In fact, new technologies are already doing a great deal to change the way people think and the way the human mind deals with infomation. Hypertextual methods of arranging things are starting to impose the feelings that information should be non-linear in arrangement and instantly accessable.

It's no wonder then, that the "e-revolution" has begun to produce some profound and often unexpected Word-shift in the Celestial realms, as the Powers That Be find themselves adapting to the new world order.

Take, for instance, Yves' Ofanite Angel of Epistles. Letter writing had unfortunately taken to a rather slow death in the more modern countries of the Western world, as automated responses and junk mail began to fill mailboxes. Try as the angel might, the Word of Epistles just couldn't be made to stretch enough to accomadate junk mail and mass-produced letters.

Then came the internet.

Hermael, the Angel of E-pistles, has found that unexpected Word-shift can be a wonderful thing indeed.


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