Eli the Christ?

By Jonathan Walton


So, I've been thinking about the whole "Eli is Jesus" theory for the last week and a half and decided that I don't really buy it. Admittedly, I think there is something that just seems right about having Jesus of Nazereth be closely related to the Archangel of Creation, but having them be the same person just doesn't work in my mind. Instead, I have another theory on how this little heresy might play itself out. Muse with me, if you will.

Some Gnostic traditions claim that Jesus was fully human, but that the Spirit (or Breath) of God descended upon him (usually at his baptism by John) early on in his ministry and then stayed with him up until right before the Crucifixion (the reason Jesus supposedly cried out "My God! Why have you forsaken me?" before he died, since the Spirit had just left him). Now, does this not sound like a classic case of possession to any of you?

And, conveniently, Superiors are able to mimic the resonances of any Choir of angel, including, say, Kyriotates. Maybe you can see where I'm going here.

So, Eli, after talking with Gabriel (who announced Jesus' birth), was very interested in what would happen to this young Prophet, and, as things so happen, at the moment when Jesus was baptised by John in the Jordan River, descended from the sky in the vessel of a dove and used the Kyriotate resonance to possess the young man. However, Eli did not simply send the Prophet's conciousness out into the Marches, as is normally the case with Kyriotate possession, instead, Eli "rode" Jesus like one of the Shedim, only making suggestions here and there and working miracles when it pleased the Archangel to do so. Of course, perverting the Kyriotate resonance like that is not a great idea, even for an Archangel, and Eli amassed a certain amount of Dissonance from his "Long Ride" to Jesus' crucifixion. This would, soon enough, lead to Dominic's crusade against the Archangel of Creation, though Judgement only had suspicions about where Eli's dissonance had come from, and didn't know the real truth.

Another great thing about this idea, is that Eli wouldn't even have to leave Heaven to possess Jesus. Thanks to the multiplicity of Archangelness, Eli could easily be in two (or more) places at once, and no one would ever expect to look for him the body of a Jewish Prophet from the Galilee.

Of course, Eli's biggest hunk of dissonance would have come from leaving Jesus right as he was crucified (well, this would only apply if Superiors are subject to other Choirs dissonance conditions, but I'm basing this on how Yves and Kronos' attunements work), not a good idea for someone who's acting like a Kyriotate. Since Jesus was then killed, the Archangel undeniably left the Prophet in worse shape than he found him. So, next, Eli not only had to deal with getting an important Prophet killed, but working off the dissonance that he had gained.

When Jesus' soul floated up to Heaven, having reached his Destiny of being crucifed and beginning a new Divine religion, Eli was waiting for him and quickly spirited the Prophet off to a secret chamber in his Cathedral, where the Archangel prepared for Jesus a new vessel with which he would return to earth as a Saint of Creation. During the next three days, Eli and Jesus spoke deeply about their experiences on earth together, and also about what they each knew of God (Eli from his earliest memories, and Jesus from his direct revelations as a Prophet). Then, Eli went down with Jesus and saw to his "resurrection" as a Saint, staying behind in the tomb to tell Jesus' followers that he had risen.

Finally, after the Prophet had visited his disciples again and given them some of the knowledge that Jesus and Eli had worked out together, the Saint returned to Heaven and the Archangel of Creation immediately bowed to Jesus' personal wishes. Eli sadly watched the mortal ascend up Jacob's Ladder into the Higher Heavens and silently morned that the human who knew him better than any other had moved on to another plane of existence.

Is this just empty musing? Probably. But I think it works out surprisingly well and gives more props to humanity than simply having Eli be Jesus. Besides, having Jesus say "Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani?" is just a little too delicious, don't you think?


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