A Theory About Dominic And Gabriel

By Rolland Therrien


I think I finally figured out why Gabriel is so hostile to Dominic...

The Elohite of Fire Attunement and the Seraphim of Fire attunements are both strong in Gabby's mind, are they not?

Dominic is, after all, Heaven's Grand Inquisitor, its major Boogieman. When Nikki gets involved, Angels tend to be put through a psychological wringer before being let go, and some end up getting Cast Out or worse...

Like it or not, this can be considered Cruelty. Necessary Cruelty, perhaps, but Cruelty nonetheless. Gabriel can't stand seeing her fellow Angels being tortured psychologically by the more fanatical Triads, no more then she can stand seeing Dominic refuse to accept how unnecessary that Cruelty is.

...So why doesn't Gabriel just confront Dominic about it? Because of her Mercurian of Fire attunement. She also knows that Dominic is constantly blaming himself for Lucifer and the Fall, and that he's established the Divine Inquisition to try and prevent another Lucifer from happening.

So she's torn, really. By not doing anything, She's allowing Dominic to continue his mental torture of the Host... But if she confronts Dominic about the Inquisition, she risks damaging his fragile hold on sanity...

Either way, she risks hurting someone.


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