By Jim Burzelic


Haagenti is the most miserable demon in Hell. Or at least he thinks he is. Very few remember that between his graduation to demon-hood and his rise to Princedom he had gained a Word. It was cruel of that bastard to give it to him, but he figured everyone else gave him the short end of the stick, why should the Boss do any differently?

Early on, Haagenti had been the Demon of Starvation. Along with the Word his ability to consume had been taken away. Everything he puts in his mouth looks as if it's been eaten. For the most part it has, but only Haagenti and Lucifer know that none of it reaches his belly, and only Lucifer himself knows where all that stuff goes.

Barely given a cursory glance everyone quickly forgot about Haagenti and his new Word. On top of this lack of attention and respect Haagenti himself had trouble understanding and spreading his Word. He was always so hungry, there was no time to make others feel that way. As things worked out, people were always starving. Haagenti never had to lift a finger. So he concentrated more on his career and secret starvation.

Time passed and he devoured those who got in his way. Eventually, he even got a new Word, along with his Princedom. But Lucifer never took the old Word away. Haagenti doesn't even know if it's possible to have two Words, but he does. He's hoping that if he neglects Starvation enough it'll just die off. He wishes Gluttony to be his sole purpose, and to everyone it appears to be.

Deep down, he knows he's only trying to feed his eternal hunger.


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