An Open Letter From Laurence

By Rolland Therrien (



I speak to you now, not as the Commander of the Armies of our Lord God, but as a humble Malakite who can no longer stand the idea of slander being made upon the memory of his Lord Uriel, nor on the Purity Crusade. I have heard many a people condemn the Crusade as an act of insane cruelty to the Ethereals, and as a deed which damaged the human cultural consciousness, traumatizing many... The record must now be made straight and clear concerning this matter.

The Purity Crusade was a just and rightous act, inspired upon my Lord Uriel by God Himself. Many of you don't remember how the Ethereals used to act when on the Corporeal Realms, while others simply ignore that the humans used to fear the creations of their own dreams just as, if not more often, they worshipped them.

Of the Ethereals predating the Crusade, the Pantheons were perhaps the worst. They were Parasites feeding on human dreams at best, and monsters who tortured Humans and extorted Essence out of them at Worst. Look upon the stories of Greek Myth; of Athena, in a Jealous fit, turning a girl into a spider, of Zeus using trickery to sleep with mortal women and neglecting his wife, and of Herakles killing his own family when drunk. Read those tales, and then look me in the eyes and tell me we were wrong to seek to slay these monsters. Was not one of the Greek Gods Pan, lord of the unreasonning fear called "Panic"?

Or perhaps you'll speak to me of the Asgardians, and claim that Odin and his Aesir Warriors would've made fine aids come Armageddon. I hope you'll forgive me if I scoff once I hear your words, though. Odin was a god of Chaos and Unreason, one who schemed endlessly to try and get an advantage at Ragnarock, in an attempt to avoid his Fate. He would've sold Heaven out for a slim chance at Surviving Armageddon, I assure you. His son Thor, though probably the most Honorable warrior in all of Asgard, was too devoted to serving his insane father to agree to obey Heaven's laws. Thus we had to Purify Asgard as well, lest they interfere with Heaven's works come Armageddon.

Maybe you'll speak to me of the Faeries, and of how the Seelie court may be our allies against Hell and their own Unseelie cousins. How thick is the line that seperates Seelie from Unseelie, I ask? There is a reason why the Humans spoke of Faeries as "The Good Folks", "The Little People" and "The Gentry". They sought to appease them, by not attracting their attention. This smacks to me of Nightmares, not Dreams. The Faeries kidnapped humans, dragging them into their realms in the Marches, and having their way with them. They took pleasure in acting as self-proclaimed judges of Right and Wrong, thinking themselves above Our Lord God's laws. Between the works of Disney and Tolkien, too many people nowadays forget that their ancestors feared the Faeries of Old.

The Mythological Beasts of Old weren't much better, as I recall. Most of them made themselves plagues upon Humanity, preying on innocent people rather then natural animals. The Manticores stalked humans and ate them whole, clothes and all. Griffons played both sides of the Celestial War, seeking to serve Heaven AND Hell, but without commiting to either side. And the Sphinxes... I assume many of you are familiar with the twisted Ethereals created by the works of the late HP Lovecraft? Allow me to inform you that the Sphinxes would've made fine additions to his Mythos. That is all I will say upon this.

And then there be the Dragons. That anyone would seek to resurrect these foul beasts makes me believe that al of the Host has gone insane! Have you forgotten what kind of monsters those Dragons where? I have not. They were foul Fire-Breathing beasts who hoarded treasures stolen from men, and who attacked villages to steal cattle to eat... with sometimes an innocent maiden or two to add variety to their meals. Many of my compatriotes died during the battles against the Dragons. And now you speak of bringing back those horrid beasts? May God forgive you for insulting the memory of my souldead friends... For I cannot.

Some of my fellow ethereals criticize my views, and hope to recruit the Ethereals to Heaven's side, proclaiming that anything made from human imagination cannot be wholly evil. I would remind them that when the Purity Crusade came, the Ethereals did not run to Blandine's tower to seek redemption. They ran straight to Beleth's tower to make a deal. There is a reason people speak of Faeries paying a Teind to Hell.

We would do well to focus our attentions upon God's true Children, the Humans. For not only are Hell's prey, but they are the prey of their own dreams gone wild.

May God be with you.

Laurence Archangel of The Sword Commander of Heaven's Armies. Servant of God.


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