Michael's Plan

By Rolland Therrien


"The irony of it is... I really started thinking of this plan when the Hyena brought me up for that "Pride" charge. He was right, up to a point, you know. Not that there's anything wrong with being proud of your accomplishments, of course. When you can bloody well do it, it's not over-confidence.

"But I just sat there, as Dominic kept going on and on about how, when I went into battle, I focused too much on my own personal fights, and not on the whole battlefield, and that I was too stubborn to back down, even when necessary...

"...And you know what? He was right. All of it. I am proud, stubborn, and when I get into battle, I focus on the moment, not on the overall battle.

"And as he said all that, I realized that was no way for a battle-field commander to act, especially in a campaign as important as the War going on. Warlords can only do so much, after all. So after God herself pardoned me, I resigned from my command of the Heavenly Armies, and let Uriel handle the complex job of Executive Command, while I focused on being an officer.

"Unfortunetly, Uriel was too focused on his word to handle a job as ambiguous as commanding God's armies, I think. The Purity Crusade... is still a questionable subject amongst us Angels. Some argue it was necessary, others claim the opposite. Me, I'd like to think something had to be done about the Pagan Gods. ...But maybe the Purity Crusade wasn't it.

"Then, when Uriel got recalled into the Higher Heavens, Laurence got appointed in his place. Now, I was just as shocked as the rest of the Host when I saw this: God overlooks the likes of David and Gabriel, and appoints this young Malakite, barely wet under the wings, into Uriel's vacant seat? A kid who never even saw the Fall?

"And then it hit me. That was the point. Laurence doesn't remember the Fall, and holds no negative emotions tied to it. To him, it's just abstract history. This means he won't lose his focus going after a Fallen brother, abandonning his post to get into a Duel...

"...Like I would.

"And then there's his Word, which really fits in better for his position then mine does. I embody War in all it's personal, gritty aspects; hand to hand combat, argumentative debate, extreme sports... Anytime someone sets himself up against someone or something, I'm there.

"But The Sword fits better for the general of God's army, truth be told. Laurence sees himself not as a warrior, but just as a weapon, wielded by God. He has no pride in his victories, no shame in his defeats, just satisfaction in knowing he's followed God's plans as best as he understands them.

"So that's why I'm not going to challenge him to take over God's armies again. Let Laurence handle battlefield commanding. He's getting better at it every year, and by the time Armageddon starts, he should be more then skilled enough to lead Heaven to victory in battle.

"And what about me, you ask? Oh, I'll be fighting, but not side-by-side Laurence and David...

...I've got a plan, you see."

"When the Final Battle begins, I'll pick up my best axe, then I'll just plow my way through the closest tether to The War, then through Gehenna, cutting a path through the Demonic legions until I find my target: Baal.

"And when I find Baal, I'll challenge him to battle me, right there and then. Or maybe I'll just charge him personally, we'll see; either way, Baal won't be able to retreat from that battle to lead his troops. He'll be stuck fighting me one on one, while Laurence is coming in with the others behind me.

"So while Baal and I are stuck in a duel, his troops are going to get slaughtered by Laurence, David, Gabriel and the others, because let's face it, Baal's too much of a control freak to put in officers competent enough to lead without his input, is he?

"And that's the beauty of the plan. I'll be doing what I do best: Being a Warrior, while Laurence will do what he does best, which is being a Commander.

"To each his own..."


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