Embassies of Flowers

By Charles E. Smith


I just had an idea. Elizabeth was kind enough to let me read through some of her Betharan stories, and something in chapter 9 gave me an idea. Novalis is the most peaceful and diplomatic of all Archangels, right? The idea that hit me is this: how about embassies? They would be places of neutrality, where angels of Flowers and perhaps Lightning and Destiny could work to learn what motivates demons so that they could be better Redeemed. I imagine the interactions would be different for each Word.

Secrets: Angels of Flowers exposing their own secrets, to convince the Alemish that trust is a good thing. As progress is made, they might bring in Revelation-Servitors to complete the process, teaching the value of openness and good-will.

Lust: The policy here is load up on the Mercurians. Who better than the Friends of Man to teach the value of love and honesty in relationships? A few months of constant exposure to Mercurians of Flowers with the Crown of Joy attunement and they'll be begging to crawl to Flowers for forgiveness.

The Game: Trade's psychologists would get their money's worth here. Convincing the Gamesters that life is not a Game would be no easy chore. One strategy might be to assign each Gamester at one of these embassies a Cherub of Flowers. The overdoses of love should break them down, and what's left can be turned over to Judgement.

The War: This would be delicate. Bring lots of Seraphim of Flowers, preferably some Masters of Peace, and keep the Baalites under the Seraphic attunement for a few months, then bring the Michaelites in to whip them into shape.

Nightmares: Psychologists would be needed here, for the deep mental scars. Make sure the Flower-staff all have Crown of Joy as well, and call upon the help of Dreams when needed.

Fire: Keep them in fireproof clothes and rooms and under the Seraphim of Flowers' control until you can find some reasonable Gabrielites to explain all about how Belial stole half the Word of Fire and Gabriel's interpretation of it is correct.

Drugs: Expose them to lots of lectures from the Malakim of Children on why drugs are bad. Guilt-trip them to Redemption.

Hardcore: Another fine case for having Seraphim of Flowers and Masters of Peace on hand. Heavy sedation, cold-turkey withdrawal from all violent music and T.V., and patient therapists are a must with these Servitors.

Gluttony: In this case, having Michaelites apply heavy discipline and a strict diet is a good thing. You can preach to them after they're exhausted and hungry.

Dark Humor: Have someone break out the highlight reels from the days when Kobal was Laughter, and any rational Celestial will surely see why Dark Humor is bad.

Fate: Mercurians of Fire, Dreams, and Creation should be brought in to show just how much potential humans have before you bring in the Destinarians to preach at Fate's minions.

Freedom: Seraphim and Destiny-Servitors should explain the joys of serving Heaven to these Servitors.

Cruelty: Have the Mercurians of Flowers explain why cruelty brings only loneliness and anguish...after Judgement slaps the will-shackles on Magog's people. Patience and cheer are a must.

Factions: Expose them to films and cartoons of people working together to solve problems they couldn't alone....five or six times an hour, every hour, before bringing in the Mercurians of Flowers for the sermon.

Greed: Have the Servitors of Trade, Stone, and Destiny explain the lonely Fate that awaits the greedy. They'll come around eventually.

The Media: Have the Gabrielites ready with the footage of humans who have committed horrible acts because of the Media's influence...all while the Cherubim and Seraphim preach and sermonize to their patient (preferably when the patient is under a Crown of Joy).

Death/Technology: Take these Servitors on discreetly guarded nature walks to show them the beauties of nature. Bringing along the Animals-Servitors is a good idea too. Once they see what they're giving up, they'll come around.

Theft: Have the Destinarians and the Traders continually lecture on the evils of taking what isn't yours. Bring in Children-Servitors if need be.


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