Semi-Canonical Sick Thought

By Michael Cleveland


Was going through my books when I thought about something - does a Superior who was once a Servitor of another Prince still hold onto his original Band Attunement if the two of them are friendly? After all, if a Renegade still holds onto his, it's quite conceivable that they could...

This holds some interesting possibilities:

Ever wonder why Nybbas tries to hold as much sway as he can over the different media sources as he does? In part, because as a former Impudite of Technology, he can hold twice as much essence as most Superiors can. While Nybbas may not seem like much of a combatant type, he can afford to throw lots of essence around when he feels like it...

In Superiors 2, it states that when Belial transferred Haagenti to Kobal, he stripped his Distinction and extra rites - what it notably does not say is that he stripped him of his Attunements. Relatively insignificant omission, until you think about the fact that Belial's Calabite's can use their Resonance without destorying the Symphony. Haagenti may or may not have subtlety, but his 'brother' can certainly think up a few uses for being able to obliterate darn near anything and not get a peep out of the Symphony...

Finally, Legion was a Shedite of Death before he died. Unless the Host made absolutely sure to burn every single corpse within a few hundred miles of anywhere Legion had put in an appearance (which is quite unlikely, given that Legion was putting up enough of a fight to kill Raphael and knock several Princes back to Hell) then somewhere out there lies a former 3+ force Shedite with a rather powerful Word, a big chip on his shoulder, and a very strong urge to point out that minor oversight to the people that did this to him...


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