A Rumor About Wind

By James Walker


Janus is one of the oldest angels; possibly the first Ofanite. It is known that long before this world existed he enjoyed surfing the interstellar winds, mesmerised by the eddies and currents that spread throughout the universe.

One quiet tale, told occasionally in Hell[!] or maybe even (very quietly) in Heaven, is that about over 5 Billion years ago, he feel in love with one particular eddy. The other Archangels were a little disturbed, as he now tended to remain in one patch of the universe, less than 10 Light years across, so they came and checked in on him.

He enjoyed the extra company, and proudly showed them around the eddy. He knew enough to point out sections which each Archangel would enjoy. Not surprisingly, they ended up doing joint projects with him to improve sections. The accumulated gases swirled more brightly as Michael, Lucifer, Jean and Gabriel added their Words; Eli was always dropping in on his friend's pet project.

Eventually, of course, the gases collapsed into a star. "Janus' star" became something of a Corporeal centre; since any Archangel would drop in their eventually, it was the place to go if you needed to communicate something throughout the angels in the realm. Janus tried to be a good host, and his ownership of the system was accepted without question. Other Archangels who spend much time here (and many did - it was simply the best place to have a Corporeal HQ) were careful to ensure that their work was to Janus' liking, and they liked to make gifts of their skills to him.

And because God approved, he did the same - which is why Corporeal life began on a planet orbiting Janus' Star.

The youngest Celestial to know that Janus owns the entire Solar System is Jordi; it just hasn't been relevant to mention the matter since then. Much as Janus loves and is proud of his system, he isn't materialistic enough to point his ownership out. Since the Fall, the older Archangels have been careful to avoid talking about the issue.

You see, they're fully aware of what will happen if Dominic finds out. Dominic has never understood why Janus and his angels are willing to steal; if he finds out that they don't, that Janus owns it all, well..it is Unjust to claim ownership of something belonging to someone else - Dominic will forcibly seize the planet and hand it over to Janus.

The older Demon Princes know as well, of course. They're not going to say anything, lest Dominic cease persecuting The Wind.

And one of the younger Demon Princes knows, as well. As the Prince of Theft, Valefor knows that to truly steal anything, anything at all, he must wrest in from Janus. It galls him that he hasn't really succeeded - yet. This is the real reason why he opposes Janus, despite their many similarities.

If the rumours reach the ears of angels, thing could prove interesting. They won't be able to confirm or deny the story. However a CD of 6 on a Seraph's resonance will resonate with a simple Truth - that the Solar System was formed out of the the swirling, interstellar gases of space - that every star was once part of Janus' Word.

And that for an Archangel who insists on moving around, Janus has spent a LONG time in this one little cranny in the Universe.


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