Fun With Remnants

By Beth McCoy


Okay, so Remnants can't be perceived by Perception-based resonances.

Now, angels work off of Perception (except for Kyriotates, but anyway), so it's actually perhaps... in the best interests of Princes to have some Remnants around to do their dirty work. Heck, some of the attunements will even keep working. And you can promise to fix them if they serve well.

Things Remnants are good for... Lying to Seraphim (rare; Seraphim get twitchy if they realize that their resonance should have worked), concealing emotions from Elohim (ditto), confounding Malakim (ditto), and bewildering Mercurians (ditto).

But what they're really good for?

Making Cherubim dissonant.

Now, this takes an assumption upon which canon is silent. So this isn't necessarily a canon evilness, which will make some GMs very happy since they can ban it with impunity. O:> (Well, they could anyway, but there's less potential for whining.)

But if a Remnant is immune to Perception-based resonances, then that means a Remnant can plot against a Cherub's attuned with impunity, undetectable as more than maybe a diffuse threat. Heck, they can be interesting assassins...

IIRC, though, they still make disturbance. Aww. You'll just have to give them Asmodeus' Humanity attunement, won't you?

(Be sure that they're 5 Forces exact, to bewilder any Kyrios who take them over. "Nope, just a normal human. I don't know why it was able to do that weird supernatural thing.")



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