Undead Quirks

By Rolland Therrien


Something I got thinking about after reading in GURPS:In Nomine: G:IN p22: "An Undead may have a piece of a demon's soul bound into him by a prince, allowing him to purchase a Band attunement for the Band..."

It's then said that they don't get Resonances, and that Princes seldom bother doing this in the first place, but it got me to thinking: What if Demonic forces, when added to an Undead, did more then just give them Attunements? What if it altered the Undead itself?

Here's what I got to thinking how Undead could be altered by their Demonic "Band" transfusion:

Balseraph-Undead: Force-based bonus on all skills involving deception, such as: Emote, Fast-Talk, Lying, etc. Their skin also takes on a leathery, almost scaly texture.

Djinn-Undead: Force-based bonus on Tracking rolls. They appear dishreveled, almost bestial in appearance; they act sluggish unless when tracking something, where they appear very energetic.

Calabim-Undead: Bonus to their fighting skills; brutal, scarred appearance, likes to dress in worn, almost tattered clothing.

...Can't think of any other Demon-altered Undead right now... but hopefully, I've planted some good seeds. ^^


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