By Cameron McCurry


Let's face it, God is infallable but even he has off days. Sometimes little details get missed on Earth, events aren't happening in chronological order, people are in the wrong place...

Thus the need for Vorp.

Named after the sound it makes as it passes by, Vorp's job is to correct those little mistakes. It has the ability to alter scenery, accelerate time or run it backwards, relocate people, change matter and any other warping of reality that it deems necessary to keep things running smoothly.

The Archangels and the Demon Princes are aware of Vorp. Heaven prefers to leave it alone; even Jean is content to say that Vorp "just is" and changes the subject. Demon Princes have learned to leave it alone after a few week long object lessons were dished out in Hell that only they remember.

As for lower ranking Celestials, they remain unaware of this being. Only the highly perceptive have any kind of insight that something "just happened" but it quickly fades from their memories.

What can I tell you? There has to be a good way for a GM to explain a shift in the adventure or how the characters "suddenly notice" something.


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