Mercurian of Judgment

By Manny Nepumecino


Corporeal Forces: 5   Strength: 8   Agility: 12
Ethereal Forces: 5   Intelligence: 10   Precision: 10
Celestial Forces: 5   Will: 8   Perception: 12
Word-Forces: N/A

Skills: Singing/6, Detect Lies/6, Seduction/3

Songs: Attraction (Ethereal/5), Fruition (Corporeal/6, Ethereal/4, Celestial/6), Charm (Corporeal/2, Ethereal/4, Celestial/4), Harmony (Ethereal/3), Tongues (Corporeal/2, Ethereal/3, Celestial/6)

Attunements: Mercurian of Love*, Mercurian of Judgment, Elohite of Judgment, First Love**, Advocate

Extra Rites:

Vessels: Unknown

Roles: Unknown

Dissonance: 0

Discord: None

Artifacts: None

Special Attunements:

Mercurian of Love: Ember may add her Corporeal Forces to the check digit of any successful resonance roll.

First Love: same as Andrealphus's First Lust attunement, see Superiors 2.

"Yes, I remember Lucifer. I remember him very well, thank you...as if I could ever forget him. I have not loved another since, nor have I allowed myself to be loved by another.

"This does not change the fact that I believe he was wrong. I proved this when he rebelled and I have continued to prove it ever since. No, I have not seen nor heard from him since we last spoke ­ you have asked me this question month after month, Most Holy; and then as now my answer remains the same.

"You ask why I have requested to be sent down to Earth. I will tell you the truth: I m tired of Heaven. I ve been in Heaven for millennia, and apart from the humans who come here, I ve had no interaction with mortals. That is not my purpose. That is not why I was created. I have a function to fulfill and I have neglected it for far too long.

"Yes, I am aware of the danger. I am not courting my final death; I have no intentions of Falling and joining my lover s rebellion. I dare say, Most Holy, that you have been unfair to me ­ all these centuries, protected here in Heaven, when you and I both know that there is a higher purpose for me to fulfill on Earth.

"I pray, once more, give me a vessel. I will not fail you."

There are those in Heaven who, unbound by forgetfulness, remember clearly the days before the Fall, when the Archangel Lucifer sang every morning into being. In those days, the Angel of Laughter filled all of Heaven with his joyous laughter, and Heaven s most renowned warrior was not the Archangel Michael, but his band-brother, Baal. No walls encircled Heaven, and a single tower rose triumphantly over the Marches, trumpeting a victory for Love in the Symphony. Those who recall those days remember with fondness the angel Ember, who loved and was loved by the now-fallen Archangel of Light.

Ember was a Mercurian -­ Choir-sister to Andrealphus, the Archangel of Love, whom she served faithfully and devotedly. He instructed her to work closely with the young Seraph Dominic, who had been raised to Angel of Judgment. As an angel of Love, Ember s responsibilities involved teaching others discernment ­ for then, as now, relationships were oftentimes hazardous and confusing undertakings, even for angels. Ember excelled at her task, and reveled in the joy of Love.

For Love came to her as well, in the guise of the Archangel Lucifer.

There were great loves in Heaven then -­ Blandine and Beleth were but the first among them. Lucifer and Ember were counted in their number. The two were often spotted together, wandering through the Cathedral of Light, sharing insights into the nature of the Symphony. At times they were also seen raising their heads to the sky, praising God for His goodness.

Ember was not in Heaven when Lucifer rebelled -­ she was on Earth, hard at work. She was summoned back to Heaven by her Archangel and invited to join the new order...but she refused, having taken to heart Dominic's Word and philosophy. She watched, grieving, as her lover and those who followed him were cast into the darkness. For her tears, the now-Fallen Archangel, still proud, swore that he would repay her for her betrayal.

She's been in Heaven ever since. Dominic took her under his wing; she became one of his first Servitors, precious not only for her Attunements to the lost Word of Love but also for her strategic value. Michael and Laurence have both assigned Servitors to protect her ­- but Michael, at least, is not above using her as bait to lure the First of the Fallen out into the open. Complicating matters is Andrealphus, now Demon Prince of Lust, whose minions are constantly on the lookout for Servitors of Love. Recently, Ember tired of her celestial duties and petitioned the Seraphim Council for a vessel and an assignment to the corporeal realm. The Archangel of Judgment was caught in a quandary ­- his keeping her in Heaven, away from her proper function, was clearly unjust -­ but his sending her to Earth would also endanger one of Heaven's most important assets in the War. After months of intense debate, the Seraphim Council finally granted her petition.

Now if only this news could be kept from Hell, Ember might actually stand a chance at surviving.

(Ember is not a point-balanced character. The attunements of Love are conjectural and taken from Andrealphus's Lust attunements.)


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