By Cameron McCurry


A woman is studying for her final exam for medical school. To her distress, she realizes that she is drawing a blank on several important questions. Suddenly, her mind clears and she remembers the correct answers.

A Marine Recruit is desperately trying to sight in on a target for Rifle Qualification. He knows that if he can't pass, he is not going to continue training. As he looks downrange, his body relaxes and he begins to hit the target with incredible accuracy.

A man is hiking down a trail when he suddenly feels compelled to take a path he'd never been down before. Within half an hour, he finds someone lying on the side and dying from injuries he took in a fall.

Tabatha is a Kyriotate of Yves and has been in the service of Destiny for about forty years. She is a bit different from most Dominations. Rather than stay in a host for days, she prefers to remain long enough to give them a slight nudge then moves along to the next person.

Other angels are rather confounded with her approach. It seems that she chooses people at random, but always finds the right person to help at the right time. Tabatha chooses not to discuss it beyond saying that most humans don't need to be guided beyond slight nudges which is what she is providing.

Her work has already earned her the Friend Distinction and the attention of a few Servitors of Fate. Tabatha has been responsible for guiding dozens of people away from Hell which has earned her a great many enemies. The fact that they can't pin down who she'll posses next just adds to their annoyance.

So if you find yourself feeling a bit luckier than normal during a stressful time, you have an idea who you may need to thank.


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