Choir Angel Vardare

By Alex Liddell (


Choir Angel
The Cherub Angel of Devotion

Corporeal: 6 Str: 12 Agi: 12
Ethereal: 5 Int: 8 Pre: 12
Celestial: 5 Will: 11* Per: 10 (*Raised independantly after almost losing an attunement while incapacitated by a Habbalite.)

Vessels: Human Male(big, african american)/6 Charisma+3(warm smile, sex appeal), Human Female(tall, slim italian)/3 Char+1(exotic), Siberian Tiger/6, Alley Cat/1

Role: Jerome Carter/6, Gigolo/2

Skills: Dodge/6, Survival/6, Fighting/6, Large Weapon(Sword)/3, Small Weapon(Knife)/3, Seduction/5, Savior Faire/3, Fast Talk/3, Ranged Weapon(pistol)/3, Driving/4, Knowledge(Street)/4, Languages(english, italian)/3, Singing/2

Songs: Shields(all)/6, Healing(Corp/6, Eth/4), Motion(Cele/3), Wings/3, Form(Eth/5), Solace(Corp/2, Eth/3), Fire(Eth/2), Sleep(Eth/2)

Attunements: All Cherubim Choir Attunements, All Servitor Attunements of Novalis, Blandine, Christopher and Zadkiel(last two dependant on if you use Minor Superiors) Synchonicity, Rock Hard (from David), Choir Angel, Ultimate Sacrifice, The Angel of Devotion, Shared Strength.

Choir Angel: As a Choir Angel Vardare is connected to all Cherubim in the Symphony. Unlike the other Choir Angels he doesn't need to roll Perception to divine their locations and status. He knows automatically with any CD he wants. This applies to all Cherubim within the Symphony at any time.

The Angel of Devotion: Vardare may automatically use his Resonance with a CD of his choice. He may also use this ability to De-attune from a subject automatically.

Shared Strength: This Attunement allows Vardare to enhance a subject to whom he is Attuned. When Vardare invokes this Attunement, he chooses a subject and from now until the Attunement ends the subject rolls all dice based on Vardare's Forces! While the Attunement is in effect Vardare cannot move out of sight of the subject. If the subject dies while being enhanced Vardare takes the normal Dissonance for losing an Attuned then gains extra Dissonance based on the number of times the subject used his Forces to calculate a dice roll. He doesn't use this frequently. The Attunement has a Duration in minutes equal to Vardare's Total Forces, minus the Subjects Total Forces.

Ultimate Sacrifice: In combat it is impossible to hit Vardare's Attuned. He always gets in the way automatically. As long as Vardare can see his opponent and his Attuned he always is the one to be attacked by opponents. When he invokes this Attunement (it takes a round to do so) he always goes first in the combat round. It lasts for as long as the combat does.

Distinctions: Choir Angel.

Dissonance: Usually none.

Discord: Not on your life.


Vardare, the fourth Angel to be created and bound to a Word embodying a Choir. He just walked out of David's catacombs on the day of the Fall. He was always by David's side during the fighting, until David turned into a Malakite. Vardare was not seen with David since then. When Honorare, Aequalis, Triuwida, Contralilus, Humane, Marathon and Wacce formed a circle outside the Castle of Purity, Vardare was the one in the center. It is commonly assumed that he Attuned to all of the Choir Angels during this rare, formal meeting of the 8.

Vardare went to Earth after the Fall and was content to do his job. He assumed the Role of Jerome Carter, a man of the night. This allowed him to get close to people and also an excuse to be with them during what he saw to be dangerous situations. At times he has asked his attuned to keep an eye on his cat for him while he goes away on business. The cat of course is Vardare, keeping a close eye on the goings on in his Attuned's life. He uses his Gabrielite Attunement quite often in his work. He doesn't feel as compelled to punish the cruel as a Cherub of Fire, but it does let him detect those who have betrayed someone close to them. Vardare then finds those people and Attunes to them so that they don't suffer any further. He has had several of his clients "fall in love" with him. Soon after he leaves them, the Wind Attunement wears off and they just remember him fondly.


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