Choir Angel Aequalis

By Alex Liddell ()


Choir Angel
Elohite Angel of Balance

Corporeal: 4 Str: 6 Agi: 10
Ethereal: 6 Int: 12 Pre: 12
Celestial: 6 Will:12 Per:12

Vessels: Human Male/3, Human Female/3

Role: Maxwell Simon/6 Philosophy Professor/3

Skills: Dodge/2, Fighting/2, Survival/2, Languages(English/3, Latin/2, French/3), Knowledge (Philosophy/6), Computer Ops/3, Medicine/3, Driving/4

Songs: Healing(all/4), Motion(cel/3), Tongues(all/2), Silence(all/3), Banishing(corp/3)

Attunements: All Elohim Choir Attunements, All Servitor Attunements of Khalid and Jean, Synchonicity, Divine Logic, Choir Angel, Balancing Touch, Angel of Balance, Equalise.

Choir Angel: Aequalis automatically succeeds in any attempt to use his Resonance with a CD of his choice. This circumvents all blocks and shielding methods. This will override a Superiors block unless they are actively thwarting his Resonance.

Angel of Balance: Aequalis is connected as a Cherub to all Elohim within the Symphony. With a Perception check he may consult the Cherub CD table with regard to ANY Elohite. If an Elohite is in danger of becoming personally unbalanced or is about to perform an action that is not objectivley sound (Elohite's point of view on this one, not Aequalis's), Aequalis will know about it.

Balancing Touch: Aequalis can with a touch and a Will roll, bestow his Choirs objectivity and balance on another being for CD Hours. Demons can resist with a Will Roll minus the essence spent on the Attunement. Human get no such roll and Angels get a roll at base to resist, except Elohim they get no roll at all. It tunes him to the stability of a perfect Elohite. They become emotionless voids, unable to express even the basest of human emotions. Logic guides every word and movement. This negates all emotional damage caused by natural or supernatural means (Habbalites, Entropy songs, etc). Habbalites affected by this become unable to use their Resonance. Elohim who are affected become physically unable to violate the Dissonance conditions of their Choir and Superior. After the Attunement has lapsed the Elohite loses one point of Dissonance.

Equalise: By spending 3 Essence Aequalis can take to numerical values and either raise the lower number or lower the higher number to balance them out. Eg, two clips of bullets, one with 1 the other with 10. Aequalis can raise the clip with 1 to 10 or lower the clip with 10 to 1. Aequalis needs LOS on both items and a round of concentration. Yes this does work with Celestials and Essence. Aequalis needs to know both values before the Attunement can work. If a Demon walks up to Aequalis, he can't just suck all of his Essence away unless he finds out how much he has first.

Distinctions: Choir Angel


The third Choir Angel to be created, Aequalis was a quiet servitor of Dominic before he heard the calling of God. It is commonly accepted that God just created the Choir Angels when the Fall happened. Aequalis is the acception to the rule. He was created by Dominic just *before* the fall. He was not Wordbound nor allowed to leave the Council Spires. He fufilled various tasks in Dominic's service but he never saw the outside Heaven. All of his information was given to him by Dominic himself. He had very little contact with other Angels, and when he did meet them they never had the chance to talk. He never formed his own opinion about the outside world. He stayed within the confines of the Cathedral and worked. That was his existance. Dominic will never talk about Aequalis now that he is a Choir Angel.

Aequalis one day heard the sounds of fighting in the Spires. For the first time in his existance he felt compelled to break Dominic's sanction of never leaving. He got up out of his chair, scattering thousands of files to the floor and opened his door. What he saw didn't faze him at all. Angels fighting other Angels, blood running over the serenity of the building. Aequalis just looked and blinked. He didn't see anything wrong with it. How was he to know if this *wasn't* what normally happened in Heaven? He quietly shut his door and went about picking up his files. He sat down and his whole world changed. Aequalis was suddenly aware of a presence within the room, not like when Dominic came, something more powerful. Aequalis looked up with untarnished eyes and said,

"Yes, I understand."

There had been no statement made, no question asked. But Aequalis knew what he was and what he had to do. Soon after the fighting stopped Aequalis just left the Council Spires. Dominic watched him go and assigned someone else to keep watch over the filing.

Aequalis ventured off with the other of the Choir Angels into legend. He shows up in Jean's office from time to time, always leaving as someone else comes in. Khalid has yet to meet him and some say he is dreading the day he does.


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